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As UK Nuclear Goes, So Goes America... The Deceit of Pro Nuclear Forces

Contaminated Vehicles Waiting Burial After Chernobyl.

Imagine a governmental agency (such as the NRC?) drawing up plans to squash, quell any and all green opposition to burying Nuclear Waste and building NEW REACTORS. Launching a covert operation to launch false support by using third parties to bring pressure on certain key committees who are investigating certain key issues in the process. Enlisting politicians sympathetic to their cause ( Rudi Guiliani and Christine Todd Whitman?) while attempting to isolate those who are not (such as Congressmen Hinchey and Hall?). Just such a devious plan was created, implemented and uncovered in England, and the foot prints here in America lead any anal retentive chimp tripping on LSD, let alone a reasonable thinking person to believe that the Nuclear Industry here in America is using even more devious efforts in trying to turn public tide in favor of more reactors, in favor of Yucca Mountain as a DUMP SITE.

First, for years the nuclear industry and our taxes have supported all kinds of pro-nuclear organizations, non-profit even quasi government groups that get hand picked to do supposedly impartial investigations, even play key roles in the supposed force on force (MOCK) tests at nuclear facilities. Take a look at NEI, their relationship with the Nuclear Industry, their incestuous relationship with the NRC, and you'll find some very disturbing trends, such as their ability to funnel crucial advance information to the owners of nuclear facilities before every force on force test at a Nuclear Reactor...can hear NEI protesting now, "BUT we would never do that." Funny, can NEI and/or the NRC share with us who is in charge of the security forces CHOSEN to be the mock attackers? Talk about a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Wells' comments also suggested a potential conflict of interest in how simulations of terrorist attacks are conducted. The potential conflict arises, he stated, from the fact the NRC is considering hiring the "terrorist" impersonators from a firm that was selected by the nuclear industry's own trade association, the Nuclear Energy Institute, and that already provides security guards to half the plants where such exercises are to be conducted.

Then, they need some friendly face, so they buy them...what a better person to embrace Entergy's relicensing than Rudi, America's Mayor? They have supposed GREEN FOLK who, for a price, have sold their souls to the beast, including disgraced co-founder of Green Peace, and Christine Todd Whitman who has created a special group to line her pockets with GOLD, or is that the proverbial 35 pieces of silver? Think about it, the perfect Three Stooges poster children of the nuclear PR campaign to GREEN THEIR DEATH TRAPS. A Former EPA Head and a Greenpeace Co-Founder Lead a New Coalition Promoting Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Add in a touch of RUDI, and stir lightly.

There are other devious steps being taken as well. Entergy will want to deny it, but they have harnessed their entire WORK FORCE as a Pro-Nuclear Burning Grassroots Army of vapid pro nuclear attack rats. They have their employees (the brighter ones) writing letters to the editor, and tracking the Anti-Nuke's online, leaping on almost every post we put up, poking fun at us on their I POD radio shows distributed to the folks within the short, targeting us.

Others are organized to show up at every public protest against Nuclear with their own banners and signs produced by and paid for with Entergy short, they are creating a false facade of public support by using their employees, their employees spouses and children as SHIELDS, much the way Hezbollah hides behind and uses the populace as human shields for their terrorist attacks. What once was suspected can now be proved, as Entergy won a FIRST TIME award for their efforts just last year...we happened to stumble across their press release on it. Couple this with their attempts to spread money around to win support...IE, their financial backing of the Paramont Theatre in Peekskill, and you have an industry trying to buy RELICENSING, BUY the new licenses needed to build a whole new army of reactors such as the one Entergy and GE are now trying to push through down in Louisiana.

If Rosie O'Donnell thinks Donald Trump is a snake oil salesman, she should spend some time researching the executives at almost any company involved in perpetuating, supporting and embracing Nuclear Energy as a GREEN FRIENDLY industry, as it is a LIE. Flim Flam artists and industry shills such as Christine Todd Whitman and Rudi Guiliani who have sold their souls for a golden parachute should be ashamed of themselves...people that should be standing staunchly behind CLOSING INDIAN POINT have become traitors to justice, human safety and our environment. Problem is, just like in England, your industry can run, but it cannot hide as we will dig, we will search, and we will EXPOSE the truth, as we are The Green Nuclear Butterfly. WOW...flashbacks of Muhammad Ali, we float like a butterfly but sting like a bee.

Then we have the entire Nuclear Industry getting nostalgic and going back to the early days of the industry and borrowing a page from short, they are TEAMING TOGETHER, spreading the costs and risks of a whole new line of reactors. They are trying to attach these new reactors to the GREEN MOVEMENT by presenting them as the birth mothers and driving force of a whole new Hydrogen green movement, and all the while quietly lining up GOVERNMENTAL FINANCIAL support to subsidize the industry and their new reactors...that's right, LETS GET THEIR TAXES TO BUILD OUR REACTORS, or at least to offset a great deal of the costs. Your a shrewd one Mr. Grinch, I'll give you that!

Revealed: the nuclear waste agencys undercover plans
The Sunday Herald, 14 May 2006
By Paul Hutcheon, Scottish Political Editor

A covert campaign to ensure that opposition to burying waste was overcome has angered anti-nuclear groups and raised questions about the tactics of a government agency.

Plans to launch a covert campaign to overturn sustained opposition to burying nuclear waste and pave the way for a new generation of nuclear power stations were drawn up by a government agency, it has been revealed.

The proposals included putting "third party pressure" on a separate government committee given the task of investigating the issue, "enlisting" politicians sympathetic to their cause and "isolating" those who were not.

Nirex, the government agency responsible for the disposal of radioactive waste, also produced a list of MPs, MSPs, civil servants and journalists to lobby about disposing the waste produced by nuclear power stations.

The agency has admitted drawing up the "media and public affairs strategy" but insists it was merely a draft put together by a junior member of staff and that some of the suggested tactics were not used.

The UK government-appointed Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) has accepted the Nirex proposals and overturned previous opposition to the burying of nuclear waste. Its recommendations are expected to be used by Tony Blair to support his plans for a revived nuclear power industry, which would have been held back because of uncertainty over how to deal with the waste.

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