Friday, December 29, 2006

North Carolina Uranium Accident Worse Than We Were Told?

We've all seen the one picture of the truck accident in North Carolina wherein a driver lost control and the truck tipped over...the NRC, Homeland Security and everyone else would like us to think it was NO BIG DEAL, and the one picture circulating seemed a bit tame...well, who out there has pictures of the TRUTH? Cruising the Internet this evening have come across a second picture from the scene that would suggest there is more to this story than we were told, and perhaps explains the EXCLUSIONARY, if any one in North Carolina caught photos of this incident, let us put them up on this blog to get the truth out. Curious...where is the highway...this truck did not just roll over, and the fact there seems to be no sign of roadway or berm tends to support a higher rate of speed coming off the exit than originally claimed. Also, notice how there is a lack of UNIFORMED RESPONDERS? Were those representatives from Global Nuclear Fuel and the trucking company KEEPING THEM AWAY? We do have the guy in the white suit, obviously a first responder.

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