Friday, December 29, 2006

ETS Energy Store-Green Nuclear Sell Out?

Summer Rayne Oakes Tied Into Nuclear Industry, Entergy, and Indian Point? Say It Ain't So Joe.

The title could almost tell this story, mix in a famous GREEN FASHION SUPER MODEL in one Summer Rayne, toss with green guy in need of money Seth Leitman with his big dreams, sprinkle liberally with a couple guys with deep pockets and direct links to Indian Point, and you have a earth shattering news story that could shake the Green Fashion and Product Industry to its very foundations, a story that can only be know as Green Nuclear Sell Out.

First, the SUPER MODEL END of the story. Any one that is any one in the green fashion industry knows self styled Green Vixen and business Mogul Summer Rayne, the super model with a genius brain, the self described Eco friendly super chick with a Masters Degree to back up her claims. From her ever so humble roots buried deep in the green hills of Pennsylvania, she has clawed and fought her way to the top of the proverbial compost heap, the queen of all that is green. If one trots over to the ETS Energy Store, you'll find Summer Rayne's beautiful little foot prints dancing all around the site. Her track record so far shows a woman with a plan, someone who does not get duped easily, but perhaps she did? Just how did this super GREEN model end up hooked up with an online GREEN STORE that has partners with direct ties to Entergy and Indian Point? Only the readers can answer that question, unless Summer Rayne would like to meet for an interview over... (something healthy I am thinking, hard for a Scotch drinker) some green tea and energy bars?
What I can tell the readers, is rumor, unsubstantiated musings based on some reliable sources. Supposedly, another well known GREEN MODEL better known as Betcee, the poster child for the "Shut Down Indian Point" movement by proxy, if not by choice was going to do the shoot for the ETS Energy Store, but backed out...did she of the magical mind and soul find out something that changed her mind? Again, not being in a position to ask her directly, we can only ponder. With Betcee out of the picture, through some machinations, it is this writers understanding that one Super Green Model Summer Rayne stepped in and did the shoot for a few good reasons, such as OLD FRIENDS, and perhaps this false sense of security is what kept her from doing due deligence?
Again, we cannot know, but perhaps the key lays in one Seth Leitman, self proclaimed green guy and according to his blog, the creator, brainchild and President of ETS Energy Store. From the various links found on Google, the skinny on Seth is pretty straight forward, a boring story about someone with a passion for electric cars, a tree hugging kind of guy that wanted to make a leap to the big time, wanted to launch a whole GREEN STORE, offer up earth friendly products to a hungry group of tree hugging green free spirits...sure there is more to this story, but this is enough to lay a ground work for the hypothesis that comes next.
Hiring Super Models, even green ones and doing photo shots costs MONEY, and quite a bit of it. Then you have a very sophisticated web site that needs designed and launched, and if you call their 1 (800) number, ETS Energy Store even has their own answering service to take orders and answer questions in the late hours of the night...WE ARE TALKING BIG BUCKS! Green Nuclear Butterfly has it on good authority that ETS Energy Store has some partners, that Seth Leitman found people willing to put up the money he needed to launch his Green financial empire...the question becomes, does a green guy, does the green industry have a responsibility to the world, and to their green consumer base to only use GREEN INVESTORS, only partner up with other services that ARE GREEN? Seth Leitman's fate, and perhaps the fate of ETS Energy Store will be weighed in how that question is answered.
Some might feel the answer to that question is NO, but for most within the grassroots environmental movement, the green friendly universe if you will, expect our green retailers, service providers and green models to make green business decisions, and have green friendly partnerships. If you are in this later group, this story starts to take a sad, tragic and ugly turn.

You see, if my sources are correct, and I believe they are, you have a Super Green Model basically fronting for a company (ETS Energy Store) that is partially owned by people directly associated with, working for the Nuclear Industry, and Indian Point. Enter into this story BGA Engineering who proudly proclaims their parternering with ETS Energy Store on their corporate website:

Our commitment is not only in providing complete engineering solutions, but now is in actual products as well.


The ETS Energy Store sells renewable energy products (solar and wind) that can be purchased and engineered/designed/installed by BGA, LLC. The ETS Energy Store also provides sustainable products which are great eco-friendly gifts! Just click on the link below to go to the ETS Energy Store!
Being part of the tree hugging green horde myself, and obviously one who is not overly friendly towards Indian Point, Entergy and a flawed nuclear industry, this association BOTHERED ME, was tugging at my soul, screaming quietly that something was not quite, I did some more Googling and my suspicions were born out when I found these little clues found on BGA Engineering's website:

Designer Design Engineering

Sponsored various nuclear and fossil projects that required the detail design of electrical systems and the preparation of general arrangements drawings and sketches. Experience included design, evaluation, and recommendation of vendor equipment proposals, design of relay protection control and wiring of various sub-stations to feed into a new centralized computer system. Wrote specifications for new equipment.

Substation and Dunwoodie Substation Series Reactor Installation- Performed physical bus layout observing ANSI clearances for 138kV and 345kV bus work. Performed engineering and design services to install extra high voltage disconnect switches and circuit breakers. Prepared schematics, one lines, physical and wiring drawings for substation protection. Performed all facility electrical work which consist but is not limited to grounding and lighting associated with the installation of Series Reactors. Prepared construction specifications for overall project.

a) Electrical Engineer/Instrumentation and Controls Design Engineer
b) Szabados Consulting, LLC, 52 Oliver Rd Paramus, NJ
c) Self Employed and worked for Various Supervisors
d) All work performed at Indian Point 2 Nuclear Power Station

There it is, the tale is told, the smoking gun that ties Summer Rayne, Seth Lietman, and the ETS Energy Store into Indian Point, Entergy and the environmentally deplorable Nuclear Industry...question becomes, who knew what when, and who sold out to whom...if Seth Leitman made a deal with the devil and partnered up with these two men knowing of their ties to the nuclear industry, ETS Energy Store is anything but environmentally friendly and green. Even worse, what if all of this is a part of the Atlanta 7 conspiracy, what if some of the players in this tale are actually tied into NuStart and their plan to STEAL THE GREEN MOVEMENT for the nuclear industry. Are there innocents in this story? I think she should have known better, but I have to believe that Summer Rayne was duped, the victim of a naive mistake of trust. I think some of the other players not mentioned by name in this tale, such as those who organized and did the photo shot with Summer Rayne (Jon Mack, the photographer Eric Striffler) got taken in, had no clue who the men behind the green masks really were, though I would like to hear it from their lips. If the tale is true, then what about Betcee...she was a no show for the shoot, backed out with no reason...if she knew, surely she had a duty to put out the word?

There is probably more to this story, mysteries that shall unravel as days turn into weeks and the winter snow begins to fall, but for now I leave you with this simple warning. The NuStart Consortium and others within the Nuclear Industry are bent on taking our Green Mantle as their own, and pushing us off to the side...the time has come to be vigilent in our actions, and in our business dealings. If you are a part of the new GREEN ECONOMY as a business, choose your partners carefully. If you are a GREEN CONSUMER, do your homework and make sure that green you are spending money on is not slime from the bottom of some fetid swamp.

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