Friday, December 29, 2006

To Defeat Your Enemy, Become Your Enemy... How Nuclear Industry is Trying To Steal GREEN MOVEMENT

Nuclear Plants...A Modern Day Holocaust Waiting To Happen... Could Your Community Be One of The Chosen Ones?

The 100 plus Nuclear Reactors in America are all old, aging, even decaying relics from a failed and dying industry, and Corporate Nuclear Energy Titans intend to change that by seeing the Nuclear Age here in America experience a renaissance. To accomplish this miracle though, they need the world's largest propaganda campaign to sell a dubious and skeptical public, especially in those communities they have targeted as the NEW HOSTS of these planned New Age Reactors...too do this, they have devised one of the most sinister plots since Hitler's Third Reich...they want to STEAL THE GREEN MOVEMENT and make it their own, all the while getting citizens to pay for it through MASSIVE subsidies compliments of our government and elected officials.

This effort to STEAL GREEN is being orchestrated by Entergy and a small group known as the Atlanta 7, or more formally by their coalition's less than original name of NuStart. Entergy who owns and operates 10 reactors wants more but decided they needed, before pushing for new reactors, to first lobby (K Street-Tom DeLay) for subsidies by tying Nuclear to the fledgling Hydrogen Economy! Though this blogger has not been able to figure out the list of lobbyists (hired guns) working for this vile and repugnant group of villains, we have learned they are being VERY SUCCESSFUL, as NuStart was successful in getting our elected officials to cough up HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of OUR MONEY to support their research and cause. This fact is very alarming, as Entergy's original BLUE PRINT for this cloak and dagger rape of a nation was to EXTRACT FEDERAL DOLLARS to pay for their research and to RECRUIT the government in their campaign of deceit in selling host communities on the new plants economic benefits, while dismissing as minor any risks associated with these fatally flawed facilities, as Chernobyl has shown us. With reactors, contrary to this new effort to change the perceptions, we are playing Russian Roulette, with it not being a question of if, but rather when.

Entergy and NuStart are treading very carefully at the moment, knowing stealth is on their side. They have already successfully fleeced our pockets to the tune of over $200 MILLION dollars, with hopes of getting the 110th Congress to cough up EVEN MORE. They have recruited a power house Public Relations firm, and have been bringing on board some serious shills who are more than willing to sell their souls for the Gold Crowns King. Entergy is more than willing to toss about in exchange for absolute and complete loyalty to the cause...MAKE NUCLEAR GREEN. The co-founder of Greenpeace has co-oped his soul with former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman to create NUKE FRIENDLY juggernaut, "CASEnergy ", who has the website address by the way of as they work with the nuclear industry FOR A PRICE. If you visit this frightening site, you can see the roadmap to stealing the Green Movement right before your eyes. Pay close attention to their BUZZ words in the below quotes from their site's section about their coalition:
The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASEnergy Coalition) is an important voice in the public dialogue over current and future energy needs, particularly in addressing how nuclear power can contribute to America’s energy security and economic growth.

The CASEnergy Coalition is a large grassroots coalition that united unlikely allies across the business, environmental, academic, consumer and labor community to support nuclear energy. We believe that nuclear energy can improve energy security, ensure clean air quality, and enhance the quality of life and economic well-being of all Americans. Through news conferences, media events, grassroots advocacy and issues education, the CASEnergy Coalition ensures that everyone from consumers to policymakers have the necessary tools to make sure they can make an informed decisions about nuclear energy.

Or this statement found on their Mission Statement Page:

MissionThe Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASEnergy Coalition) supports the increased use of nuclear energy to ensure an environmentally clean, safe, affordable and reliable supply of electricity. Nuclear power enhances America's energy security and economic growth, helps attain cleaner air and improves the quality of life, health and economic well-being for all Americans.

To complete their stable of Nationally Known Nuclear Rubberstampers, enter America's Mayor Rudi Giuliani and his newly formed CASH COW MONEY MACHINE, Giuliani Partners LLC. Give NuStart credit for their devious plan, as it could actually work if the green grassroots does not wake up to this incidious infiltration of our ranks. Entergy's willing partners, and the minions within the Pro Nuke Movement have a plan, and it is being implemented, their goal to see Anti Nuke's individuals, organizations and coalitions replaced with a Nuclear friendly surrogate, a new Earth Mother group of pretenders lead by Christine Whitman and her CASEnergy demon spawns as the slogan, "No Nukes" is replaced with "No CO2". In short, these folks want to convince us that the slight risks associated with a MELTDOWN, and Nuclear Weapons proliferation are minor inconveniences of Atomic Energy, and well worth their costs when compared to the catastrophic effects of Global Warming. Be Green, Go Nuclear is their chant of the day.

For those thinking this is all pie in sky rhetoric from an Anti Nuke Nut case, consider this...the folks at NuStart have already SETTLED on six potential HOST COMMUNITIES they intend to TARGET.

1. Port Gibson, Mississippi
2. St. Francisville, Louisiana
3. Lusby, Maryland
4. Scriba, New York
5. Aiken, South Carolina
6. Northeast Alabama

Its plan...push forward applications for AT LEAST TWO of these six sites, and make it easier for other utilities to FOLLOW SUIT in pushing through new licensing efforts for reactors. The plan is working, as both consortium and non-consortium members alike have begun the process of invading America's countryside with a whole new ARMY of nuclear reactors. Among some of those who have started the permitting process are Entergy at Grand Gulf, Exelon Generation in Clinton, Illinois. Also in process we have Dominion Nuclear -- which is not a member of NuStart -- at its North Anna plant in Virginia. Thinking of jumping into the fray is Duke Energy of Charlotte, North Carolina. Each of these sites conveniently would use the reactor designs paid for with OUR TAX DOLLARS, but owned by the NuStart Consortium of PLANET RAPERS. (whoops...too harsh? Should I tone that statement down so as not to offend Entergy officials?) Though NuStart has already reached DEEP INTO OUR POCKETS for over $200 MILLION in Federal Government incentives, the reader should know, that all these players have stated for the record, that they need CONGRESS to continue subsidizing their costs of construction if these PROPOSED REACTORS are going to become reality.

To destroy your enemy, you have to know your enemy, and the GREEN MOVEMENT had best wake up, as we are under the microscope, and about to be dissected and destroyed by the Nuclear Industry as they strip off our skin and make it their own.

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