Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Target-Entergy's Indian Point. The Goal-SHUT IT DOWN.

This picture shows the power of death that is nuclear power's legacy and truth.
First, welcome to, "Green Nuclear Butterfly", the proud sister site of, "Entergy Watch" and we are just as committed to the goal of shutting down Entergy's Indian Point, and exposing the TRUTH of the failed nuclear industry here in America as they are.

For those that have been around for a while...OK, for those of us as ancient as Methuselah, being green was/is synonymous with being ANTI NUCLEAR. Let's not forget Three Mile Island, let us not forget DOWN WINDERS, and let's not forget Chernobyl. For decades, the Anti Nuke movement (of which Congressman John Hall was/is a part) has fought, held the line, and prepared for the fight that now is upon us. The line has been drawn in the sand for some time, and that line runs right through the site that is Indian Point.

Some have grown tired, gotten weary as the NRC has played games, used trickery, and waved rules in protecting their licensees instead of human health and the environment. In some ways, we, much like the Democrats have been out in the wilderness, fighting our own demons, trying to find that common ground where we can all stand as one, uniting in one common cause...that cause is the closure of Indian Point.

Some will try to dishearten the masses, stop us from rising up, tell us we have no chance to win. Those same game players within the industry are the same kind of villains that said Congressman John Hall had no chance against Sue Kelly. However, the grassroots believed in him, and believed in our cause...through out the spring, summer and fall we as one stood strong, never gave up the fight, even though the odds were against us. We were out financed, out gunned, and the Republican Sue Kelly's war machine pulled out every trick, including robo callers in the closing days of the campaign, but we stood firm in our faith, we never gave up. In the November Election we proved the Naysayers wrong, showed that RIGHT can win against might.

It is now time for that same faith and dedication to rise within the grassroots sector of the Environmental Movement. Riverkeeper raises millions, yet where is their march to close Indian Point, where are the protests in front of every gate of the facility? The old saying says, lead, follow, or get out of the way...the time has come for groups like the Sierra Club, Riverkeeper and WISE/NIRS and all the other supposed Environmental groups need to take all that money they have been raising and step up as true leaders of a new movement, or they need to get out of our way and stop raising funds in the name of closing Indian Point. The days of quietly sitting in public meetings waiting for our two minutes in front of the microphone after Entergy and the NRC have monopolized the event by going first needs to be over. The time for sending comments and having FAX TREES has passed. We need protesters, we need marches, we need a human chain around the entire facility. In short, we need a paradigm shift in the ANTI NUKE MOVEMENT, as we have seen that being nice accomplishes NOTHING.

Our incoming Governor claims to be against Indian Point, and he is hereby challenged to put his actions where his mouth was...we want his support, and we want new laws enacted making it impossible for Entergy to re license these failing reactors. Maurice Hinchey is dedicated to closing down Indian Point, but he needs our help. So, we call on John Hall to step forward publicly, and state for the record that he will accept NOTHING SHORT of CLOSURE. Further, John Hall managed to pull together a whole lot of talent in the process of getting himself elected...we in the movement to shut down Indian Point challenge him to work with the people involved with Rock The Reactors to host a set of concerts aimed at bringing attention to these failing Entergy reactors at Indian Point. We call on him to use that same persuasion and dedication that got him elected to fight one last grand battle, standing side by side with those of us in the Anti Nuke movement.

We want investigations of the NRC, and their cozy relationship with licensees, we want an end to said regulatory agency's siding with licensees instead of taking the proper steps to protect human health and the environment. We want an end to back door deals that force communities to play host to facilities that would cause us to lose everything, including our lives if there is an incident. No more conveniently called Exclusionary Zones to hide licensee's accidents and mistakes. We want an independent prosecutor named to head up these investigations, and we want those found to be in violation of our laws PROSECUTED, imprisoned and fined. We want an end to a NRC that protects the financial interests of the company, while risking not only our financial interests, but our lives and our safety. Limiting the liability of companies running nuclear reactors is WRONG, and Price Waterhouse needs to be changed. Allowing companies running reactors to protect their financial interests by putting the reactors in separate, yet fully owned Limited Liability Corporations is WRONG. Using our taxes to SUBSIDIZE the industry (see Entergy's $300 MILLION in Community Block Grants as one example) is wrong.

We can do this, but it TAKES A MOVEMENT, and the Green Nuclear Butterfly Blog is going to work towards making that movement a reality. In this issue, there are only TWO SIDES, no fence sitters allowed. Further, those outside of our area who traditionally support the companies in the Nuclear Industry (Think NEI) should have no voice, as they DO NOT LIVE WITHIN THE CIRCLE OF DEATH and their hands so deeply entrenched in the industry's wallet makes them not only morally bankrupt, but means they have a huge conflict of interest.

In the days, weeks and months ahead, this blog will do everything it can to dig up the news the industry does not want America to see, and we will beat our drums of war, as the battle is upon us, and the time grows short...if Entergy is allowed to re license these aging and decaying reactors, it is not a question of IF, but WHEN the accident will occur. When it occurs, hundreds of thousands of people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut could die instantly, and millions more could die slow painful deaths from horrid life draining cancers. We must all unite behind this cause, we must reach deep inside ourselves to find the strength of will to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to end the legacy that is Indian Point.


JiltedCitizen said...

Entergy is allowed to re license these aging and decaying reactors, it is not a question of IF, but WHEN the accident will occur. When it occurs, hundreds of thousands of people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut could die instantly, and millions more could die slow painful deaths from horrid life draining cancers.

Die instantly? Ummm how? Don't tell me your ignorant enough to believe that a nuclear plant will blow up like a nuclear bomb. Even a total melt down doesn't blow up. Just melts the containment vessel. Serious sure, but no hundreds of thousands of instantaneous deaths. Get informed.

Porgie Tirebiter, Royce Penstinger and Pinto Bean said...

Suppose it might depend first on what one defines as instant death. I was reading an article the other week that stated a large object dropped through the roof of a spent fuel rod storage unit could actually pierce the bottom of said storage pools, thus quickly draining out the water leading to almost instant combustion of the materials...windy say with a south blowing wind of say 15 MPH, how many people would ingest life ending particulates? If they survive a few weeks, even a few months, should we not classify those as instant death? Life and writing is relative.