Friday, December 29, 2006

Entergy Nuclear-Safe, Secure, ASLEEP

Sure gives credence to allegations that Entergy forces it's employees to work LONG HOURS with little rest.

We all know the propaganda slogan...Entergy Nuclear Plants are safe, secure and vital...are they really? According to a decision handed down by the NRC, seems like Entergy's slogan needs altered a bit to be Safe, Secure and Asleep, and safe and secure are up for some serious debate as well.

WASHINGTON, DC (ENS) — --> The Nuclear Regulatory Commission today proposed a $60,000 civil penalty for Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., for violations that occurred at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant on June 29, 2004 when a control room supervisor fell asleep in a chair while on duty.

After the NRC learned of the event, the agency’s Region I Office of Investigations began an investigation at the plant, which is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Investigators determined that the control room supervisor was asleep and therefore neither alert nor attentive to his duties. A reactor operator, observing the supervisor asleep, deliberately failed to take immediate actions to awaken him, inform appropriate site personnel and file a report on the event, investigators found.

The shift manager, "in careless disregard of requirements," the NRC said, failed to inform appropriate site personnel and file a report on the event.

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