Wednesday, January 24, 2007

EDTA's Response To State Of Union Address Raises Disturbing Questions About EDTA

Green Nuclear Butterfly's readers for the most part are Anti Nuke folks, as well as a handful of Industry folks that have put us in their favorites list...not because they love us, but to keep tabs on what we are up to. So, for those that maybe do not know who EDTA is, let me explain. The organization is the Electric Drive Transportation Association. Anyone in EV (Electric Vehicle) communities knows them...some love them, some hate them, but they all know who EDTA is. I for the most part was on the fence, holding no opinion of them one way or the other.

Today, I am pretty sure where I stand on see, I received a copy of their press release on President Bush's State of The Union Address. As you might guess, said press release only addressed the Energy Portion of the address, as that is where their own interest as an organization resides. After reading the press release which can be found below, I had some reservations about EDTA, so I called them up on the phone and spoke with Jennifer Watts. She was informed that I had read their press release, and found it odd that there was no position taken on Nuclear Energy by EDTA.

She said nuclear did not concern EDTA, so I took the time to point out to Jennifer Watts how ODD that was. I explained the problems with Nuclear Energy, its waste streams they cannot dispose of, and their fleet of aging, decaying reactors that are being wrongfully relicensed here in America. I explained to her, that Greenpeace did not feel Nuclear Energy was either safe or green, and that nuclear had no place in a long range plan to address Global Warming.

Done with this end of the conversation, I explained to her briefly the Nuclear Power 2010/GNEP initiative, and the Nuclear Industry's plan to steal the green mantle from the environmental movement by selling itself as the birth mother of the Hydrogen Economy, and asked her again, "What is EDTA's position on Nuclear Energy?" She refused to answer this question, said EDTA was not willing to make public their position on Nuclear Energy.

Call me naive here, but seems to me that EDTA cannot represent the Electric Vehicle movement if they themselves are not willing to EMBRACE a GREEN, SAFE energy policy that protects human health and the environment. So, again we here at the Green Nuclear Butterfly ask EDTA the question. "Do you support the Nuclear Industry's aging fleet of nuclear reactors that are polluting our communities, and degradation of our rivers and lakes, or do you embrace true renewable energies that are EARTH FRIENDLY?" Nuclear is NOT Green energy, and it is not safe, nor is it pollution free...EDTA cannot sit on the fence on this issue, nor should they secretly be in support of Nuclear as the way to the future.

For Immediate Release
January 23, 2007

EDTA's Response to the State of the Union Address

January 23, 2007--Washington, DC— The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) applauds the President's commitment to aggressive reduction of U.S. oil consumption. "Greater energy independence is the critical path to energy and environmental security. To realize that security, the United States will need to accelerate the adoption of electric drive technologies and alternative fuels throughout the transportation sector," said EDTA President Brian Wynne

In his State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush outlined an energy strategy to reduce U.S. oil consumption by 20% by 2017. His plans highlight the importance of research into plug-in hybrid and advanced electric drive vehicles, increased vehicle efficiency, and diversifying our fuel supply to include more alternative fuels, such as hydrogen.

"We are pleased that the President recognizes the challenges created by dependence on oil," said EDTA President Brian Wynne. "We look forward to working with the Administration and Congress to ensure that the benefits of electric drive in efficiency and fuel diversity are maximized in any effort to break America' s oil addiction. The Department of Energy's announcement of new funds for plug-in hybrid battery development is a promising step in the right direction."

Electric drive, which includes battery, hybrid, plug-in and fuel cell solutions, can be used in conjunction with any fuel source, including hydrogen, ethanol, bio-diesel and other alternative fuels.

EDTA is the industry trade association for battery, hybrid, plug-in, and fuel cell electric drive technologies. Its members include vehicle manufacturers, energy providers, battery, technology developers, and end users.

About EDTA: Organization Propaganda deleted.

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