Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Relicensing Really A Two For One NRC Scam On Host Communities

The Nuclear Industry Wants to Steal The GREEN MANTLE, and Are Willing To Corrupt The Constitution TO DO IT, and The NRC and DOE Are GLADLY ON BOARD For The Ride.
If you begin researching the DOE, NRC, Idaho National Labs, nuclear industry plan for their perverted vision of a United States Nuclear Renaissance as found in the Nuclear 2010/GNEP road map, there are three MAJOR Mile markers. 2010 is the year that the DOE will push forward a singular Reactor Plan to the NRC that can be MASS PRODUCED. The second major point on the road is is here, that the NRC expects to see the first in this new fleet of reactors finally increasing their current market share in the United States Energy Market. There is a reach this mile stone, it is imperative that all 103 currently operating commercial remain open and fully operational at PEAK CAPACITY.

To reach this 2030 goal, there is only one road that could and can be traveled. Streamline and corrupt the re licensing application process in such a fashion as to allow the NRC to get away with Rubber Stamping the applications, thus FORCING host communities to continue playing hosts to a brittling, aging, decaying group of 103 reactors...all in the name of keeping the Nuclear Industry alive. Problem is, the reactors are held together with 1,000's of welds and patches and reactor core crack, steam pipes burst, and domes begin to crack in preparation for potential cave ins. Environmental issues like proven degradation of our water ways are dismissed as minimal when compared to the benefits being received by the greater society (Corporate Executives and shareholders). Leaking spent fuel rod pools, a sure sign of structural instability are removed from the process under the guise they are NOT THE REACTORS...uhhh...are they NOT COVERED UNDER THE SAME LICENSE?

This national rape of local communities, the abomination of their environment, the game of Russian Roulette with their health is bad enough, but sadly, that is not enough for the DOE, NRC, the nuclear industry, and George W. Bush to accomplish their horrid crimes against humanity in trying to paint Nuclear as GREEN, clean, safe and secure. No, they need another 20 years, need to keep America's fleet of antiquated reactors running THROUGH 2050 when they are hoping they can have enough new reactors coming online to hold the line, and the profits of the industry. The third LEG of this axis of evil known as GNEP. As NRC rubber stamps the entire round of current applications, they have already started paving the wave for every single reactor to re license itself A SECOND TIME, have already started seeding the public with their demon spawn lies that these Nuclear Holocaust in waiting reactors are perfectly capable of remaining in service for not 40, not 60 BUT EIGHTY YEARS!
Every citizen in America who lives within the shadows of these death towers needs to read Kathryn Casa's article, "Industry: Reactors Should Run for 80 Years". It seems, that the NRC plans to have their licensees enter a proverbial REVOLVING soon as all of them have received their first renewal, while the host communities are still devastated and shell shocked at the wrongful first re licensing, the NRC is going to kick these communities while they are down by starting an immediate SECOND ROUND OF RE LICENSING that will allow they facilities to operate for a total of 40 years BEYOND THEIR ORIGINAL LICENSES.
This is just one more in a long list of reasons why the Green Nuclear Butterfly is calling for a nationwide FEDERAL LAW to conduct a safety and security assessment of EVERY NUCLEAR FACILITY in America (including fuel processing/reprocessing plants), a law that would declare a moratorium on all re licensing activities, and preclude the granting of any new reactor licenses until the industry begins to put a serious dent in their every growing pile of NUCLEAR WASTES.

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