Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Joining Green Peace...How About Them Joining Us As Well?

Green Nuclear Butterfly Says It is Time For Greenpeace To Rejoin Us Here In The Grassroots, Help US In Our Time Of Need As We Try To Stop The Wrongful Relicensing Of Aging Reactors Across America.
We here at the Green Nuclear Butterfly are collecting Co-Signers on an open letter to the Executive Director of Greenpeace, asking them WHERE IS GREENPEACE. So far, in the fight to stop relicensing of aging reactors, the grassroots environmental movement is losing the war 48-0. What we are asking for from Greenpeace (an other national groups as well, such as Sierra Club, National Wildlife, even Riverkeeper) is simple and straight forward. We want a Federal Law passed that would accomplish three things.

1. Mandate an Independent (not NRC involvement) Safety and Security Assessment of every nuclear facility in America...if a facility is a part of the fuel cycle, they would be a part of this mandate.

2. Mandate a moratorium on all relicensing and/or licensing actions until such time as the NRC, DOE and the nuclear industry come up with proven, workable long term storage of their waste streams.

3. Form a Blue Ribbon Nuclear Industry Commission to study nuclear, and recommend to Congress the terms and conditions of nuclear continuing as a part of America's energy portfolio. Said Commission must include a member of a grassroots organization (with no ties to industry or government) from each nuclear facility in America.

This issue needs to be taken National. We are asking for Greenpeace's help in doing this. Perhaps our first chance to have dialogue with Greenpeace will occur tomorrow, January 25th. John Coequyt (Energy Campaigner) and Jim Riccio (Nuclear Point Person) for Greenpeace will be conducting a live chat beginning at 12:30. We need to have our people at this important chat, need to let them know that it is there time to STAND WITH US, let them know that the same old rhetoric will not work. Stopping the wrongful relicensing of 103 aging reactors will take more than a letter, phone and fax campaign. It will take Greenpeace putting as much energy into the NUCLEAR ISSUE as they are now putting into their Save The Oceans campaign. It is the world's future at stake here, and we are hoping to have a sit down meeting with the Executive Director of Greenpeace in the very near future to make out a plan.

The Email From Greenpeace About the Online Meeting:

President Bush has let the issue of global warming simmer on the back burner of his presidency for 6 years. The scientific community and the rest of the world has heard the oven timer go off, but last night, President Bush continued to ignore the alarm as he served up a plateful of tepid solutions to a worldwide audience.

While the chef may finally have acknowledged the brewing problem, he failed to rescue the planet from the oven. His so-called solutions of "clean" coal and nuclear energy are a recipe for disaster. Well, we're serving up a fresh new alternative to global warming with real solutions that don't rely on nuclear energy or coal. Our plan would cut global CO2 emissions in the U.S. by almost 75% within the next 43 years. In fact, renewable energy and greater energy efficiency can deliver half of the world's energy needs by 2050.

The President has failed to lead this country, or the world, on the issue of global warming. It's up to Congress to pull us out of the global warming fire, and time is running out. TAKE ACTION Tell Congress to turn the oven off NOW.

It's time to start an energy revolution, NOW. We've come up with effective solutions, but we need YOUR help to get them implemented.


John Coequyt
Energy Campaigner

p.s. If you want to learn more about our blueprint for solving global warming, join me and Nuclear Campaigner Jim Riccio for a live chat tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 pm EST and PST.

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