Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hearing Voices...Sending Out a Heads Up On Presidents State Of The Union Energy Pitch

Greetings READERS...

I pay attention to BUZZ words, and on both Fox and CNN today, I've heard that BLACK MAGIC BUZZ WORD 2010, which is now synonymous with Nuclear Power 2010/GNEP, Bush and the Nuclear Industry's plan to see a Nuclear Renaissance by giving birth to a radioactive Rosemary's Baby. Be suspicious when the advance press notices conveniently start attaching the Nuclear Buzz slogan to everything under the Energy Sun.

With this in mind, this post is being put up to TRACK the President's speech, to pinpoint problems we see with it, specifically on the Energy section of the State of the Union, but on other areas as well. (For instance, personally very worried that Bush's health care plan will PENALIZE middle class families that are fortunate enough to have medical coverage.) If you are a regular read, it's very EASY to participate in this LIVE online BLOG EVENT as we TRACK GEORGE BUSH.

At the bottom of this post, if you click on the word Comment, you will have and opportunity to submit a comment to this SPECIFIC post. Leave one comment, or ten as the speech unfolds. I will moderate and clear through as many comments as we get during, and after the State of The Union Address. This stream of conscious exercise be give all of us important feedback as we share our off the cuff GUT REACTIONS to President Bush's words, as well as the Democrat response immediately following it.

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