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The Importance OF Building a New Coalition Of Grassroots Anti Nuclear Groups

Nuclear Energy and Failing Reactors...A Holocaust In Waiting
Everyone within the Environmental Movement knows the sad story of betrayal of Patrick Moore, the former co-founder of Greenpeace who sold out to Corporate America, the man who seemingly rents out his face and former stature as a Green friendly soul to the highest bidders.

Last year, this man teamed up with former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman to form CASEnergy with the express intention of stealing the Green Mantle, and wrapping it around the Nuclear Industry and their fleet of aging reactors. BOLD WORDS, and true words.

CASEnergy has just delivered it's first major missive to their membership, and in it you can see their plans for 2007, and the steps they will take to make Nuclear Energy Green. They are now even going so far as co-mingling Nuclear with hydroelectric power, wind and solar power as safe, clean, renewable forms of energy. Their letter to their membership points out that the 110th Congress is the perfect chance to ADVANCE THE NUCLEAR AGENDA.

Green Nuclear Butterfly has called on Greenpeace to step forward and lead the march to take the Anti Nuclear movement National, called on them to unite us all in a new coalitionof solidarity as we stop the wrong relicensing of aging reactors, and hold the nuclear industry accountable for thier raping of the environment, hold them accountable for their threatening our health, and putting our communities in grave danger. Christine Todd Whitman knows how to run a political campaign, to lobby Congress...Patrick Moore knows how to build a grassroots movement...together, they intend to steal GREEN as their own, and hand it to the nuclear industry on a silver platter.

Read CASEnergy's letter to their's a disturbing letter, and a very disturbing agenda.

Dear CASEnergy Members,

Happy New Year from the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition!

The start of the New Year means big plans for the CASEnergy Coalition as we strive to continue the success achieved in 2006. We want to share with you a little of what we’ve got planned for 2007 as well as some recent coalition news and successes. (Notice their use of the word COALITION)

The first calendar year of the coalition brought with it a range of high points, beginning with our national launch in Washington, DC at the National Press Club on April 24, 2006. (Paid for by WHO?) Launched by our Co-Chairs Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and Dr. Patrick Moore, with remarks from some of our charter members such as the US Chamber of Commerce, International Brotherhood of Teamsters and 60 Plus, our launch attracted top-tier media coverage from CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and others. (You can see more coverage on our site – (Notice their web address...seem FAMILIAR?)

After the launch, Gov. Whitman and Dr. Moore hit the road, speaking across the country to organizations and individuals on the benefits of nuclear energy and its role as a critical part of our energy portfolio. In particular, two public CASEnergy events in Iowa and Michigan attracted both press attention and new members. We are planning even more events for 2007!
The coalition has experienced substantial growth in the past 9 months. We have grown from 50 members at the national launch to over 730 organizations and individuals today, thanks to support from members like you. (They are still SMALL ENOUGH to stop, but we need Greenpeace, NIRS, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club and others to hear our voices, to join our cause. Where are these organizations now, in our hour of need?)

In 2007, the CASEnergy Coalition will continue to be an important voice in the public dialogue over current and future electricity needs, particularly in addressing how nuclear power can contribute to America’s energy security and economic growth. It will work to unite consumers, conservationists, academics, health care advocates, labor organizations, business groups, professional organizations, family advocates, environmentalists and community leaders who support nuclear energy’s ability to enhance America's energy security, attain cleaner air and improve the quality of life, health and economic well-being for all Americans.

In support of this, our activities in 2007 will focus on growing our membership with national and local recruitment growth as well as efforts to engage and educate policymakers at a local and national level. With the 110th Congress focusing on climate change, there is a significant opportunity to elevate discussion on the role of nuclear energy and inform the public that nuclear energy is a clean, safe and affordable electricity solution.

Gov. Whitman and Dr. Moore will continue to travel across the country, engaging local audiences with CASEnergy's public education campaign on nuclear energy. (Think they mean INDOCTRINATION) They will also be meeting with local organizations and elected officials to ensure that they are aware of the benefits of nuclear on a local level.

Most importantly, we hope to have continued participation from members like you in your local communities. Examples of ways you can be involved include:

Recruiting other members – organizations and individuals - to join the CASEnergy Coalition

Contacting your state and federal elected officials with your views on energy

Contacting local media outlets with letters-to-the-editor and opinion editorials
By staying involved you will help ensure that the CASEnergy Coalition continues to be an active and respected voice in the energy debate and that the public education campaign we began last year goes from strength to strength in 2007. If we can help you recruit or reach out to people, please just let us know.

If you listened in to President Bush’s State of the Union Address last night, he continued to stress that this country needs new electricity solutions and nuclear energy is a “clean, safe” solution. Please keep your eyes out for our co-chairs in the media today and over the next few days continuing to reiterate that message. Additionally, visit the Dallas Morning News for a recent interview with Dr. Patrick Moore.

As always, please contact the coalition at 202-338-CASE (2273) or if we can be of assistance and visit our Web site regularly for updates and materials exclusive to coalition members.


Duncan Burns

Clean and Safe Energy Coalition

*** Read the below statement with SADNESS...they want to STEAL our movement, a movement built over 30 years.

Did You Know? Approximately 30 percent of America’s electricity comes from sources that produce no air emissions or greenhouse gases: nuclear energy, hydroelectric power, wind and solar power. Nuclear energy represents 73 percent of this non-emitting electricity supply.

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