Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Energy Issues-Bush Claim That Nuclear is Safe and Clean

Imagine An NRC That CLOSED Unsafe, Aging Nuclear Reactors, Instead of Rubber Stamping Their Relicensing
The wrap up and dissection of George Bush's State of The Union Speech will now go on for hours as every little nuance is put under the microscope. Green Nuclear Butterfly is specifically concerned with Nuclear Industry, and energy issues here in America, and around the world. In his speech tonight, Bush spoke rather briefly on Energy, much of his words nothing more than reruns as he again called on conservation, drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, and his seeming favorite, split grass.

First thing that concerned me, was the tactical way he attempted to bring America with him in embracing the 2010 challenge...in short, cut our fossil fuel use 20 percent in the next ten years. It was sly...by embracing this slogan, he gets us by proxy to embrace the Nuclear Power 2010 initiative. Some might doubt this, but it is true, a trick advertisers have used time and again in selling us on a new concept or product. In short, he and his administration are doing some BRANDING WORK. You brand 2010 as good, and by default he moves the GREEN NUCLEAR ball down the field.

He basically ended his energy section of the speech with the claim that Nuclear is clean and safe...it is NEITHER. First, the time has come for Congress to pass a law that requires a safety and security assessments of every nuclear facility in the United States of America...this is a rallying cry, and one of the primary goals of the Green Nuclear Butterfly. Secondly, America needs a COMPLETE moratorium on all nuclear advancements, on any future reactors until such time as our government and the Nuclear Industry can prove conclusively that they can deal with, and safely store radioactive waste streams for a period of no less than 100,000 years. Until those involved with nuclear can deal with their waste streams in a honest, proven, safe, and secure fashion, the industry should be dead in its tracks, and Congress owes it to every American community now hosting a nuclear facility, and to those communities who could be forced to host a future nuclear facility to declare a moratorium until these waste streams are dealt with, and removed from REACTOR SITES in totality.

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