Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Green Nuclear Butterfly Morning News Brief

Greetings Readers:
Some BIG NEWS events today here at Green Nuclear Butterfly, so want to give our readers a HEAD'S UP, so that you don't miss anything.

1. Green Nuclear Butterfly was created and launched on December 26th, 2006. We are very pleased to announce, that our next post will see us pass the important milestone of 100 articles.

2. Deadline for signing our open letter to Greenpeace is upon, we'd like EVERYONE today to really push to bring us a few more signatures to that effort. Either tomorrow or Friday we'll print a hard copy of said letter and mail it off to Washington, DC.

3. Green Nuclear Butterfly later today will be posting the official rules for the Green Nuclear Butterfly's Photons and Poetry, Poets Against Relicensing Poetry Contest. Poets, get out your pens and start honing your ANTI NUKE poetry skills, as one lucky winner will be taking home a grand prize of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! We will have a second online entrants only award of $200.00. Read all about this exciting event later today.

All entries will become the property of Green Nuclear Butterfly, and Rock The Reactors, the officials sponsors of this event...if you, or your organization would like to be a part of this event, would like to donate towards our prize pool, or would be interested in hosting the public reading of the finalists submissions, please contact our publisher at We are hoping for at least 100 entries in each of the two divisions of this contest.

Division 1-Any ANTI Nuke poem, or a green themed piece that does not embrace nuclear as alternative fuel choice. 20 finalists will be chosen from this group, and if chosen, you must be able to show up for the public reading where the winner will be chosen. This will be a winner take all event, with the Grand Prize Recipient recieving $1,000.

Division 2-Green Nuclear Butterfly realizes many of our readers are from all over the world with readers now in 11 foreign nations. Because of this, we are putting up $200 for a special online only division for those who cannot make our public reading. We are hoping we will have some additional patrons step forward so we can increase the amount of this award.

4. Green Nuclear Butterfly will also be finalizing comments in opposition of the Pilgrim plants continued operation as well today. We encourage all of our readers to make it a point to submit written comments opposing any and all efforts to relicense any and all of the aging fleet of reactors here in America. To this end, we will today be opening up a Yahoo Group for grassroots organizations to keep each other informed, a place where you can post your requests for help, or share important NRC documents.

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST...we really could use some financial sponsors and donors, as we have many more ideas just waiting to be launched. So, if Donald Trump is reading this, or Cher is looking for a new favorite Grassroots group to support, feel free to use our DONATION button to make a pay pal contribution to our efforts.

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