Sunday, January 28, 2007

Major Local Groups NEED TO WAKE UP

Yesterday I, as publisher of the Green Nuclear Butterfly got two emails from folks suggesting that I am being too hard on local groups like IPSEC and Riverkeeper. With all due respect, would tend to disagree. For instance, IPSEC has posted on their website a notice to their people encouraging them to contact Hillary Clinton to urge passing of her bill introduced LAST YEAR.
Now, let's be honest here...that bill was WINDOW DRESSING, and had NO CO-SIGNERS. In short, it was Hillary playing to the local crowd while intending to do NOTHING OF MERIT to stop the relicensing of Indian Point...this author would strongly encourage our readers to take a look over at the'll find that Hillary has taken quite a bit of money from people tied to Entergy, had DIRTY HANDS.
The next BIG ACTION, one that has HAD NO EFFECT FOR YEARS is IPSEC/Riverkeepers efforts to pass more meaningless proclamations/resolutions against Indian Point...the NRC has shown over and over again that they pay those resolutions NO HEED.
The reapplication process officially begins on March 7th, 2007...surely our two main groups for fighting relicensing should have more of an ACTION PLAN at this stage? 20 MILLION PEOPLE...surely we can organize putting say 200,000 of them in front of the facility? Surely Riverkeeper on any given Saturday could organize say 2-300 boaters to park in front of the facility boat ramp....what, do you really think the National Guard is going to fire on innocent Americans trying to exercise their citizens rights to peaceful protest? It's OUR HUDSON, lets take it back...OH WAIT, that's too RADICAL for Riverkeeper.
Imagine say 600 hot air balloons over Indian Point? 2-300 boats on the river, and 200,000 citizens out front all ON THE SAME DAY, or on the same weekend. Imagine NRC wanting to hold public hearings, and finding themselves facing 20,000 angry citizens demanding closure. We have IPSEC with all their member organizations bragging about their 2005 KICK OFF CAMPAIGN to shut down Indian Point, and the over 200 people said event drew! HELLO, does any one think that kind of pathetic public participation is going to shut down ANYTHING? 20 million people living within 50 miles of Indian Point, and a kick off event draws 200 people! Give us a break! WE NEED BIG, WE NEED HUGE, we need RADICAL.
Meanwhile, we have IPSEC denying access to members of the Grassroots anti nuclear movement...WHY IS THAT, perhaps Mark Jacobs could explain that to us here at the Green Nuclear Butterfly, explain why people are kept from posting anything on the IPSEC list serves that are the least bit controversial. In short, perhaps if IPSEC is too afraid to get its hands dirty, maybe it needs to STEP ASIDE, get out of this fight, and go hold bake sales at the local Walmart. If instead, they are ready to be serious leaders in this fight, then they need to end their exclusionary membership practices, stop the BIG BROTHER censorship on their list servs.

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