Monday, January 29, 2007

HOLD THE PHONE...NRC LIES To Keep Public From Panicking

OK, some might find this over the TOP, but holy F**KING S**T! If ever there was a day that rallied the citizens to hold the NRC accountable, to start closing down aging reactors, THIS IS THE DAY!

First, we have the NRC ruling that it is NOT the responsibility of the reactor owner (ENTERGY) to protect their own infrastructure (nuclear reactors) from a significant terrorist attack, or from attack by a large airplane, and/or jet fighter. Instead, the NRC cautions the plants to do their best AFTER THE ATTACK to mitigate the release. That's OVER THE DAMN TOP in any ones book, but this is a day for OVER THE TOP.
Seems there was a LEAK at Millstone over the weekend. there was radioactive contamination RAINING DOWN ON THE GENERAL PUBLIC! Were there evacuations, were people warned of the dangers? NO! It seems that the NRC F**KING LIED to the population as they were afraid said public WOULD PANIC! Think about this FOLKS...if the GOD DAMN evacuation plans are so GREAT, will were they not used? Why was the NRC afraid the public would PANIC! IF THEY HAVE LIED ABOUT THIS, WHAT ELSE ARE THEY LYING ABOUT? How much VALUABLE evacuation time was LOST while the NRC, while their licensee LIED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC?
WAKE UP AMERICA...I don't give a flying F**K if the NRC has relicensed certain reactors, done so against the will of the people...if that has happened, then the local governments, their police, their public works need to give the operators DAYS to shut down the reactors, and then LOCK THEM OUT OF THEIR FACILITIES. If the NRC will not shut down the facilities, then local government MUST. Let's not kid long do you think Indian Point will remain open if we start putting 200,000 people on their land EVERY DAMN WEEKEND OF THE YEAR? Sure, the State Police could stop 20, 30 even 100 protesters...they CANNOT STOP A MASS OF HUMANITY 200,000 members strong!

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