Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Off Target, But Thought I Would Bring It Up

Bill O Reilly Has Self Esteem and Anger Issues
Seems Bill O'Reilly has his panties in a knot, and is accusing the Brattleboro Vermont paper of being a left wing, anti-American newspaper run by a bunch of nuts...their crime according to Bill, is they have called for the IMPEACHMENT of George (I took us to war on lies) Bush. Of course, Billy Boy would like to have us believe he runs the NO SPIN zone...in reality, half the time he's so busy chewing on road apples that it's a miracle he does not choke on his lies. HEY BILL, tell us about your PEABODY AWARDS! How many did you NOT WIN? TWO?
I agree with whoever at the Brattleboro paper called for the President's impeachment...I'd try Bush and Cheney in a heart beat on treason, and cannot believe Nancy Pelosi has taken impeachment off the table. Sure Bill O Reilly is also fine with aging reactors, least ways, as long as they are not in his and Hannity's back yard. The axis of evil is Bush, Cheney and Condi Rice, and the keepers of the gate are Hannity and O'Reilly. Fox is almost as radioactive as Vermont Yankee or Indian Point...let's hope a Democratic President in 2008 will see some of these rabid right wing shows cancelled and taken off the air. Think of it as a clean air initiative.

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