Monday, January 29, 2007

Greendrinks, Feb 13th...Rockland County Needs To Be There!

(Inside the Red Room at Park: The Unstoppable Summer Rayne Oakes flanked from left to right by Frank Bianco & Chris Pesce of Earthtech Products who specialize in super-high efficiency LED bulbs for business and home, which could put Indian Point offline in a matter of months if everybody bought them.)
There's one thing the Riverkeeper, Clearwater, IPSEC country club triad need to comprehend, we're not going to get anywhere without BIG MEDIA and BIG GUNS from Manhattan.

When I attended the Riverkeeper auction fundraiser at Sotheby's a few weeks ago, other than the usual mention of Indian Point by Robert Kennedy Jr. in his well oiled, well rehearsed speech... no one else in the audience had Indian Point on their mind. Lisa Rainwater, the point person for Indian Point at Riverkeeper, was not even in attendance. I went around interviewing guests about the imminent danger up the river, my Vlog is hosted on the Rock The Reactors website. Who I did meet though, were quite a few Utility big wigs on the side of the room, who surely made serious donations to the proceedings, but who acted clueless when I brought up the fact WIND FARMS were now the more cost efficient option over new so-called green and clean nukes...

Our three blind mice suddenly have the amazing opportunity here to meet up at Greendrinks with the green glitterati under bright city lights... at Park, the nightclub Darryl Hannah's man built... green architects, designers, sustainable fashion mavens, and green super models... who all congregate the second Tuesday of every month down to Greendrinks, the local NYC chapter of this international social phenomena.
Problem is, these young green entrepreneurs, many of whom mentioned in a recent issue of INC. magazine, from Treehugger, Vivavi and Voltaic Systems, have little background about nuclear power, they didn't grow up in the trenches, all they know is what they've read or heard on the news, that nukes don't give off C02 emissions, so that must be a good thing for global warming, right? WRONG! Wake the hell up children... There's Strontium-90 in the fish in the Hudson and the groundwater around the plant is contaminated!!! We're talking major threat to human and wildlife... We're talking this is insane, shut this plant down NOW... what the hell are you waiting for?

So trust me, or don't, but once these very charming, yet somewhat naive, media savvy green giants get a little taste of the information and the sense of mission collected over the years by battle worn anti-nuclear activists like us, they'll be quickly brought up to speed, as to how the NRC has yet again bamboozled the masses to the tune of billions, lulled everyone to sleep by buying into green consumer companies like ETS Energy Store!
The good folks of Rockland County, and surrounding areas, if they really care about shutting down Indian Point, if that's really why they elected John Hall as their new Congressman, they need to back their man up, and descend on Greendrinks with information in hand, to teach the green design elite in Manhattan about the reality, and the urgency of the situation up the river.
For you see, if Indian Point gets any worse, and it's really bad already, all their green work, designing LEED buildings, riding Trixi rickshaws, eating organic vegan food and shopping at Wild Oats? All that will be for nothing as radiation creeps into our bones, our DNA... giving the most beautiful women in the world breast cancer! We have to stop the NRC dead in its tracks, because their brand of corruption washes away all our green dreams, our green ambitions, our solartopic future on this green earth.
Come to Greendrinks, Tuesday February 13th, 6 PM at Park, corner of 17th St. and 10th Avenue, same venue as the Lü magazine party a few weeks ago.
To learn more about the potential relationship between Greendrinks and our fight to shut down Indian Point, contact Stephen Filler Esq. at GreenCounsel. Get ready to rock the house, rock the reactors!

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