Monday, November 12, 2007

Entergy Propaganda-How Low Can They Go?

I was reading a letter put up on the IPSEC list by Marilyn Elie addressed to Mayor Bloomberg wherein she sings the GREEN PRAISES of the mayor, and then encourages him to speak up against the License Renewal of Entergy's failing Indian Point. So, I decided to so a GOOGLE search on Mr. Bloomberg's green record, and got waylayed along the way when I stumbled across a devious Propaganda Trick being played on the general public by Entergy on the radio station WVOX.

For those who fall into the camp of innocent and naive who are wanting to live a greener, friendlier life, who are searching for enlightenment, there are wolves dressed in sheep's clothing looking to prey upon their innocence, lead them astray into the dark abyss. It's called GREEN WASHING, and many companies including Entergy are stooping to ever lower lows in spreading their propaganda out to the masses under the guise of educating the public. One of these sinister Propaganda machines is a wonderfully innocent sounding show on WVOX called, "Green On Energy" hosted by a supposed wonderfully GREEN HOST in one Mr. Lawrence Gottlieb who is described as an energy industry expert. This show, it is stated will be hosted on Westchester radio station WVOX, 1460 A.M., at 12 noon the first Wednesday of every month you can also listen to it live on at that time.

Trying to give this show the benefit of the doubt, I at first IGNORED the fact that it is funded by Entergy, owner of the failing Indian Point reactors which are leaking tritium and strontium 90 into the Hudson River, killing men, women and children with cancer causing radiological contaminants spewed into the environment.

Then, I began looking at the list of GUESTS on the show, and became very suspicious.

First up was Ashok Gupta the air and energy program director for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). He is better known among many in the anti-nuclear movement as someone who has been sucking up to the nuclear industry. This is disturbing, and puts a damper on Marilyn Elie's hopes of Mayor Bloomberg speaking out against Indian Point, seeing as Mr. Gupta is on the Mayor's Energy Task Force.

Third Way, another quest is very PRO NUCLEAR as has been reported in a previous article on GNB.

Of course, also on the show was the man that we in the anti-nuclear camp love to hate, one Patrick Moore, who was also mentioned in Marilyn Elie's letter to the Mayor.

"Green On Energy" was suddenly having a very Pro Nuclear STENCH attached to it as I read on further, and found yet another super Pro Nuclear guest in one Paul Genoa, and the show touted him as, "Paul Genoa is director of policy development for the Nuclear Energy Institute. N.E.I. is a Washington-based think tank and central repository for the latest information and research on nuclear energy — which is a technology being hailed by countries like India and China as their answer to the challenge of generating a lot of electricity without a lot of pollution."

Let's be clear...NEI is the Satan of the Nuclear Industry, a monolithic lobbying group under the guise of a think tank.

Shocked and dismayed, realizing I'd stumbled upon yet another example of how Entergy misleads and fools the public, I decided to check up on the host of the show, our dear Mr. Lawrence Gottlieb! Better known in some circles as Larry Gottlieb, the same Larry Gottlieb who has a LONG TRACK RECORD as Entergy's Communications Director!

So, under the quise of a Green Energy show, Entergy has been trotting out our dear Mr. Larry Gottlieb to spew forth Entergy and the nuclear industry's pro nuclear message to the masses! Shame on WVOX for playing along with this tasteless sham.

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