Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is Indian Point 3 Power Ending Up in Canada?

A little bird passed this onto Green Nuclear Butterfly, so take it with a grain of salt, as we have not had time to look into it, and that might take some time. BUT, what if we do not need the power from Indian Point 3? More importantly, what if we are not even benefitting from the power produced from Indian Point 3?

The little bird is telling us, that New York Power Authority is well aware of the fact, that through at least 2010 every bit of power from IP 3 is sold through Con Edison at greatly discounted prices to a third party who is flipping it to Canada. As we state, this information is not verified, but worthy of some investigation, as it shoots the hell out of Entergy's argument that they supply 20 Percent of New York City's energy needs. Which reminds us, isn't there a mandate in New York City that they have to produce 80 percent of their own power? Surely Entergy is not producing every kilowatt of the remainder?

So, who knows, maybe someone like Greg Clary or Matt Wald will track this down.

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