Saturday, November 17, 2007

Green Anti-Nuclear Environmental Congressman John Hall-NOT SO GREEN

Rah, Rah elect John Hall, if he can't close Indian Point, no one can. We all remember those heady days on the campaign trail last fall when our GREEN GUY, John Hall was going up against Sue Kelly. Setting aside the whole impeachment issue, lets focus in on his promise to Close Down Indian Point. He has not exactly been delivering on that promise, and that should be of some great concern to those who got him elected.

A couple weeks back, all hell broke loose when this blog DARED attack our GREEN HERO in Washington. Some quietly behind closed doors agreed with us, but said he was the best we had, and that maybe we needed to give him the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. You know, the old "He's just a freshman, he means well, and maybe some of his mistakes are nothing more than that, growing pains as he FINDS HIMSELF. So, I decided to follow my own advice, and FOLLOW THE MONEY...the trail is very disturbing.

1. John Hall, under the guise of being PRO-LABOR has been taking quite a bit of money from the very unions that harrass the grassroots at NRC meetings, and are openly very pro-nuclear and very supportive of granting Entergy their requested license renewal. These include:

Operating Engineers Union Pro Nuclear, with direct ties to CASEnergy which is funed by none other than NEI has donated $10,500 to John Hall.

Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $9,000

Plumbers/Pipefitters Union $6,000

Carpenters & Joiners Union Who regularly FLOOD NRC meetings with their membership to intimadate those against License Renwal have donated $5,000

Now, it is obvious that some might say it is unfair to hold John Hall to these high standards, so I took the liberty of looking into some of his other donors, and many of them are NOT SO GREEN once you get past the pretty veneer. A couple of these include:

The Blackstone Group-one of their holdings is Allied Waste Industries. As the old saying goes, you are as green as where you invest your money. We can argue about how clean waste haulers are, so will let everyone do their own research of various and assorted violations.

Then we have the Renco Group, and rather than address this issue myself, shall share what is found on Wikipedia. This is not the kind of donor one would think Congressman John Hall would be courting.

Renco Group
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Renco Group is a holding company controlled by Ira Rennert. It owned AM General, maker of the Hummer SUV, until a recent deal handed control to Rennert's neighbor, Ronald Perelman. Another Renco subsidiary, U.S. Magnesium, is accused of polluting the Great Salt Lake, and other Renco companies are accused of pollution in Missouri. The Renco Group owns mills and mines around the United States and in South America. Pollution problems at the company's properties have sparked public outcries, environmental lawsuits, and hundreds of millions of dollars in environmental penalties and fines.

Not sure the Grassroots can afford Congressman John Hall's brand of environmental stewardship.

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