Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

The anti-nuclear movement eats its own... and it's all for the good... because the more people talk about the rebirth of the anti-nuclear movement, good or bad, there's no such thing as bad press, just spell my name correctly "so it comes up in Google!"

Look, face it, back in 2006... nobody was even aware that Indian Point was coming up for relicensing... None of the lead organizations in the "movement" (if movement there still was) to shut down Indian Point were getting ready for the big battle on the Hudson.

Everybody in New York had pretty much given up... I remember one woman with a table at the Earthday fair outside Grand Central in April of 2006... I'd just posted our pictures of Betcee May posing in front of Indian Point on my website, Rock The Reactors had just been born... I told her with conviction, "We're going to shut down Indian Point!" and she started crying, because she beleived me... I knew in my heart it was possible... that feeling I had was contagious.

I wasn't taking no for an answer... all these people who came to me and said Remy, you're crazy, you're set as King Green, why go stir that puddle of mud and torpedo your career as green mentor to the rich and famous? But I didn't listen, I found myself at the Vanity Fair green issue party a few days later, and first thing that came to mind, in front of le tout green New York was to walk up to ex-Governor Pataki, stand firmly in front of him, and recite that same mantra: "I'm going to shut down Indian Point!"

I didn't say "we" because at the time, there was no "we"... except for Betcee and Seth Leitman who were both starting to think I'd gone completely crazy... amazing what one will do on blue eye whim... I was all alone... I remember calling on Clearwater and Riverkeeper a few times, offering help and assistance, showing them my new webpage, trying to explain that hey guys, I got experience as an organizer, I've hosted huge parties, I've built nightclubs, I've promoted rock shows and helped put hundreds of green products on store shelves... I can sell this, I can brand this... I can get this all over the news!!! They wouldn't hear of it... It was like talking to a stone wall... they were dead set on the politics of failure, they wouldn't let me in, I didn't exist... That's when I realized I was truly on my own if I wanted to get the job done.

So rather than waste my time climbing up a broken down ol'tree made up of tired, battle worn defeatists, I decided to take it on the road... I'd been planning a trip going down Route 66 to promote electric cars... and so, I made it about electric cars and shutting down Indian Point... I took my message across the entire country, making friends, carving strong alliances with anti-nuclear groups all over the land... by the time Sherwood Martinelli and I discovered each other on the Information Superhighway, we just plugged into each other's network and Green Nuclear Butterfly was born, sweaping the anti-nuclear movement by storm, creating the largest coalition since the Clamshell Alliance, but all invisible to the naked eye, because the media hadn't picked up on it yet, still hasn't really... it's the elephant in the room.

Sherwood is the hardest working son-of-a-bitch I've ever met... I'm a workaolic, he's worse... I keep praying he doesn't give himself a stroke... then all the balls in the air would fall back flat on the ground, and we'd be right back where we started... because there is no campaign to shut down Indian Point without Sherwood Martinelli and his contentions... and there is no campaign to shut down Indian Point without Green Nuclear Butterfly and Rock The Reactors beating the drum with a battle cry! There is no shut down of Indian Point without FUSE USA!

Once IPSEC finally woke up to the fact Sherwood had stumbled on a legal mean to stop Indian Point dead in its tracks, it went looking for him... that's how the IPSEC subcommittee was born, with Susan Shapiro as its point person... they had Sherwood chained to the basement writing his contentions like masters rule over their slave on the plantation. And of course, they kept me at bay... They did everything they could to break us up... we played along, for as long as we could, until it flew apart like a sling shot!

Last night's train wreck on the New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough is a testament to IPSEC's incompetence, its complete abject lack of media savvy, the reason why after so many years, Indian Point, despite its horrendous technical and public image problems, is still open, still ticking away, still looming over the Hudson Valley, a disaster waiting to happen. And it's all because Riverkeeper, Clearwater and IPSEC can't get their act together long enough to hire a PR firm! So guess what, de-facto, Sherwood and I became their propaganda arm... Hey, nobody else was doing it, we had the field wide open... We sold the shut down of Indian Point to the masses, with our antics, our blogs, our fierce determination and yes, courage.

But we're not exactly the prim and proper image of quiet affluent Stepford Wives suburbia... so ouch... we sent all these charming wonderful ladies screaming in horror... Pumpkin head riding through Sleepy Hollow, don't take candy from that stranger...

While everyone else was barely doing this part time, raising kids, going to work, Sherwood and I stopped everything in our lives and have done nothing else but this for going on a year now... Because we both know that's how you get a job like that done. Native American groups are working with us, French groups, Australian groups, Canadian groups, activists all over the country now feed us, knowing that shutting down Indian Point would mean the beginning of the end for the nuclear power industry, unraveling their entire web of deceit. That's why the resistance is building up into this gigantic wall of insanity, where even the head of PR for Entergy is out there on National TV, making a complete fool of himself, because we put him to it, and he fell for it hook, line and sinker!

And this is only the second act! Can you imagine what we have in store for you once all the contentions are in, once Sherwood and I can get back to outreach and promotion? Yippie... You know the saying, nobody is going to come to your revolution if it ain't fun... it's got to be a party... I'm going back to my old heavy metal roots, putting out a call to all my heavy metal friends... we can do this guys, we really can... I mean look around you, MySpace and YouTube are making stars out of Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, the two most unlikely Democrat and Republican candidates any US election has ever known... Pro-nuke Hilary Clinton's got American flags falling down all around her, touching the ground... bad omen... We don't need the media anymore, We're the media!!!

There's a line at the end of Bladerunner... "If she lives..." and that says it all... It behoves us to make sure, as the Trilateral Commission once drafted in its original charter back in 1973... to orchestrate a smooth transition away from oil... and coal... and nuclear... so Mr. Harvey Wasserman, who jumped ship too soon... can have his non-violence, even though they shot Lennon, they shot King, they shot Kennedy, they probably shot Monroe with a needle, and downed Jr.'s plane in front of his mom's house...

They shot everyone... No wonder Robert has cold feet, face it... screaming "join me on the barricades" at Live Earth was a stretch for him... going out on a limb in a moment of wild abandon, forgetting he's done practically nothing about Indian Point for years... except paying lip service to it, thumbs up "good issue" guys! Leaving Lisa Rainwater with the lonely office all the way down at the end of the hall...

Our greatest ally in this fight, as unlikely as this might sound, almost Lyndon Larouchian in enviro-conspiratorial scope... bring back horses... save the planet by throwing it into a feudal dark age... may indeed turn out to be the all-seeing eye Rockefellers, who against all odds, want to shut down Indian Point as badly as we do.

They have revived their 2002 Indian Point Collaboration group, hosting a strategy breakfast meeting December 4th at the offices of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. If anyone's interested in attending, Alex Matthiessen at Riverkeeper holds the keys to that Magic Kingdom!

Doesn't that tell you something, that if the family which owns the Federal Bank Reserve, holds court at the Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg conferences, with its trillions of dollars in secret assets all over the globe... yet that same family still can't find a simple, quick and easy way to unplug an old raggedy nuke just a few miles from its organic hog farm, that something's just a little too politically screwy? Let's not forget Laurance Rockefeller, David's brother, funded the When Cosmic Cultures Meet conference in Washington and a companion UFO report for members of the Hill.

Doesn't that make you think for a second, that maybe, just maybe, it goes deeper than you ever imagined, NRC, DoE, DoD... the layers and layers of classified compartementalization into the shadow government, Wackenhut, which resulted from the National Security Act of 1947 to hide all cutting edge energy conversion discoveries from the civilian population and commercial exploitation... as a desperate measure of self-preservation during the cold war?

It was after all, the Rockefellers who funded Billy Joel's first concert behind the Iron Curtain, which led to Iron Maiden swirling Soviet youth into a metal frenzy, and finally Ozzy... the straw that broke the camel's back! That's how the Berlin Wall fell folks, Gorbachev and Reagan were just spectators in that black-ops seed of dissension three ring circus.

The energy conversion secrets our nation keep under the guise of National Security have created a trillion dollar parallel universe with a network of hundreds of secret military bases... their outpost into our society are each and every one of its nuclear power plants... they even went so far as buying into all the local music halls to make sure no anti-nuclear entertainers could get a chance to perform in nuclear power plant hosting communities! Which is what happened when Bonnie Raitt was refused the Paramount in Peekskill to play a fundraiser for two-faced John Hall.

So now John is out there making deals, thinking that maybe by playing the game, selling out here, selling out there, the NRC will give him Indian Point... making Faustian bargains with a devil... because John forgot his roots in rock & roll... he forgot rust never sleeps, he forgot Sisters of Mercy's Mother Russia... and War Pigs! Selling his soul down the river for an all nuclear Navy... and all this time his friends are standing by him, because they don't know any different... they're so afraid of the new world Sherwood Martinelli and I come from... an unholy alliance between the Grateful Dead and Black Sabbath... they don't see or feel the rumble of the Rainbow warriors, the intentional communities, the tribal subcultures, folks who haven't given up their guitar picks and the song in their heart for a blue suit, a red tie, and a retirement fund!

The debacle on NBC last night was nothing short of shameful... an event FUSE USA had been preparing, scheduling, nurturing, to be something extraordinary and special, stolen from us at the last possible minute, because they couldn't bare Green Nuclear Butterfly keeps pointing out the emperor has no clothes! Nuke Free... into FUSE USA... that's the plan... those who really, really want to shut down Indian Point, not just quietly see it go away, make it into a rallying cry for saving what's left of our humanity, this is where we are every morning, reading this blog... keeping up with the constant soap opera that is our lives.

There is no Phase... there is a new and improved FUSE USA which is going to take the ball all the way down to the finish line... and slam dunk that sucker on the grass so hard, they'll have to pry it out with a crane!

Good morning campus.

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