Thursday, November 15, 2007

Norris McDonald, The Black Voice of The Nuclear Renaissance, Some Disturbing Questions

If you attend a License Renewal public meeting, chances are really good that you will see Norris McDonald step up to the podium, take a hit on his inhaler to get your attention, and then he will deliver his well rehearsed speech to be entered into the Official record in his official capacity of self founded AAEA. If you GOOGLE his name, you can find pictures of him with many well known people in the nuclear industry, as well as political figures such as George Bush, and Condi Rice. So, this post from the Nuclear Jesus Blog is quite troubling, as it seems there is another far edgier side to Norris McDonald.
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Exposing Norris McDonald's True Self?

Norris McDonald gets around, has positioned himself as the black voice of the Nuclear Renaissance. Give the devil his due in that he's positioned himself well, having his picture taken with the likes of George Bush and Condi Rice to name but a few faces in his never ending game of name dropping as America's premiere braggadocio. As any one could guess, when it comes to the issue of nuclear energy, he and I are on polar opposite spectrum's of the debate. After he showed up at Susan Shapiro's press event with Alex Baldwin this week, and then one of his blogs linked to the Green Nuclear Butterfly, thought it might be appropriate to spend some time on GOOGLE researching Mr. McDonald.

On CNN this week, there has been a huge uproar over the McCain-Bitch scandal, and at the center of this tempest in a tea pot, is the question, is it appropriate for a man to use, and/or condone the use of the word Bitch. It has similarities to the whole N word debate that captured the news media earlier in the year. Personally, I find both words deplorable, but also find a certain hyypocrisy when people believe it OK for some people to use the word, but it is not OK for others to use it. Sorry, but there needs to be a certain standarization of the rules that apply to everyone equally. Liberty and justice is the American way.

Now, what does this have to do with Norris McDonald, and the great nuclear debate taking place in livingrooms all over America? That is for you the reader to decide, but personally, find some of Norris McDonald's expressed views, and the views expressed on the blogs/websites under his control rather disturbing. If NEI and the nuclear industry are allowing him to act as a spokesperson for Nuclear Power, they by association are defacto endorsing and embracing the views and opinions he is writing or allowing to be posted on his Internet sites. If Condi Rice and George Bush are welcoming into their midst, posing for photographs with the man, it would seem they to are accepting his beliefs and political positions. Below are various quotes copied and pasted here, so that Norris McDonald and his blogs/web sites can speak for him/themselves, and it is up to you the reader to decide if some of his stated opinions are far more disturbing than McCain being in the same room where the word Bitch was used in reference to Hillary Clinton.

"So Duane (Dog the Bounty Hunter) Chapman, right, whips out the N-word in private huh? Surprise surprise. We suspected that many whites did this, but now we have confirmation."

From the same post, next paragraph:

"So relax. You know you aint gonna stop saying it in private anyway. We bet you say it real well too. The way many whites can get that eerrrr in the word. We know that most whites see Blacks as a lower species and it is a social stigma to be an N-word lover. In some circles, even outside of hillbilly trailer parks, it is absolutely the lowest thing a white can be. And whether a creationist or an evolutionist, whites still find a way to make Blacks lower. Is that dark skin really THAT distracting? Now run get Rev Sharpton, apologize, and pledge to repent from this particular habit."

From yet another post on

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nazi: How To Get Away With Saying Nigger In Public
By Alan Smithee
It is slick but we know when you are denying us our reparation and getting away with it. Report on any movie or political act by the current governor of California and instead of saying Swartzenegger say:

National reporters and anchors really love to do it. Imagine the rush they get from being able to freely get away with saying nigger to a national audience. What a rush. Freedom to say that word freely in public. Just know that when you say it we see you with a thin little mustache and an outstretched arm. Nazi F--ks.

posted by Norris McDonald at 11:46 AM

Then, there is this seeming slame at the GLBT community:

How does Tyler Perry reconcile dressing like a woman in his films and on stage with his Christianity? Deuterronomy 22:5 ... neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abonimation unto the Lord thy God.

posted by Norris McDonald at 5:16 AM

Next we have what appears to be a race baiting remark in this:

By the way, ever wonder why Broadway is called the "Great White Way?" It started in 1904 and was due to the magnificent illumination of the avenues at Times Square. Of course considering the time period that was probably not the only reason. (Sources: Broadway 101, NY Daily News, NY Post)

posted by Norris McDonald at 5:38 AM

Then, this rather disturbing remark, considering he represents the NEI, Nuclear Industry Agenda of a Nuclear Renaissance:

"Give us a call Mickey. You cannot avoid global politics in addressing climate change. You have to promote aggressive technological solutions to fight global climate change and you have to be willing to push governments and economies to do it. We'll tell you exactly how it should be done and how you can help."

Then, watch the way he shrewdly links Nuclear to Wind:
Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NBC Hosts "Green Week" is promoting the environment during the week of Nov 4. Mat is in the Arctic and Ann is in the Anarctic and Al is in the rainforest. Their Green Week is unprecedented and provides great information to the public without being too preachy or extremist.

NBC is owned by NBCUniversal, which is owned by General Electric (GE). GE makes windmills and nuclear power plants. So they are 'green' by nature.

On wrongful use of Tasers by police, the war and (his words) eco hillbillies:

Thursday, October 25, 2007
Condi Stares Down Anti War Nut Case

Where is a taser when you need one? Note how cool Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was when the nut case approached her with red paint on her hands. Condi looked at her like "I will kick your ***. Sorry folks, this aint exactly environmental but it does seem as though the antisocial environment is heating up. Bill Maher on the other end of the spectrum was harassed by nut case so called 911 Truthers on last Friday's show. Bill literally leaped out of his chair and jumped down into the audience to help throw out a heckler. Our president was recently disrespected by a some eco hillbillies who want to close all coal plants. We think it is taser time. And when the nut case screams, "Don't tase me bro," he or she should be tasered again.

Then there are inflammatory phrases like extremist environmentalist tossed around as well:
We must also mention an unfortunate incident that involved a long-haired environmental activist harassing Hazel Dukes, President of the New York State Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) after her statement before the NRC. This is another recent example of how extremist environmentalists show extraordinary disrespect for Blacks who disagree with them.

So much for Norris McDonald's compassionate love for mankind:

Hotels, corporations and cities are now seeking 'feel good' programs for energy and environmental programs. Will they stop global warming? Nope. Draconian technological measures are the only path to mitigation. Capitalism does not always care about what is good for us. And I love capitalism.
We leave you with this post: Scroll down to find it
Saturday, December 02, 2006

NIGGER: Our Reparation and Whites Cannot Say It

White people should gladly refrain from using the term nigger anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Although present day whites did nothing to blacks in paticular, the vestiges of past racism can be seen everywhere in the U.S. - - mostly in separate communities. Resource disparities are also apparent due to America's racial history. Thus, whites should acknowledge the bloody and brutal history of their ancestors by paying this small reparation. No land. No money. No apology. And no NIGGER.

The brilliant reporter Darryl Fears wrote a great article on this issue in The Washington Post. Jesse Jackson and some other activisits and entertainers are calling for the complete elimination of the word. We don't think so. It is one of the most endearing terms in the black community. Yo nigger. My nigger. Nigger, nigger nigger. When blacks are conversing with blacks it is a term of great affection. Blacks are careful in trying not to use the term in front of whites. Even though it is freely used as an expression in music culture, whites should feel no loss in preventing themselves from using this term. Of course, some people, like Michael Richards, sometimes cannot resist the urge to scream "Fire" in the theater. All we have to say is that if you will not honor this small reparation, then good luck with the consequences. (Wash Post)

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