Saturday, November 17, 2007

We Are Being Monitored By Entergy, But Not Allowed To See Data

In my usual fashion, I am up late, and cruising the Internet looking for dirt on Entergy, and to be specific, on Indian Point. With only 13 days left to file contentions, our time for raising concerns if fast slipping away, so time is of the essence. I saw an old article (not that old) in Nuclear News on Environmental Monitoring at Indian Point, and thought I would have a closer look at it.

The Environmental Monitoring is not at Indian Point, but rather in certain communities located close to the plant (as in PEEKSKILL). Think we all know, that a company is not going to invest hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars into Environmental Monitoring-which is a polite way of not saying HEALTH MONITORING without good reason. Such as they are worried about levels of RADIOLOGICAL CONTAMINANTS that are escaping from the plant. Even more disturbing, it looks at if the monitoring equipment is relative close to my home. Talk about slamming home the fact we all live in the PEAK FATALITY ZONE.

As you might imagine, this information had my full attention, so I began to give the article a much closer read. As I approached the end of the article, I found what I consider very disturbing, if not even ALARMING news. Entergy feels they have the right to monitor OUR EXPOSURES, but NOT RELEASE the information to us. The question and answer as it appeared in the article:
Does the public have any involvement in offsite radiation monitoring?
The answer is no, not currently. When considering public involvement, it’s important to think about how the information would be received by someone who has limited knowledge of what the information represents.
God Forbid us dumb old folks in Peekskill should see the results of Environmental Monitoring being done ON about being human guinea pig in a sick and twisted Entergy Experiment conducted on behalf of either themselves, the NRC or the NEI. LEt me guess, 50 years after we are all dead and gone, many of us dying needless painful deaths from man/nuclear caused cancers those reports will be released for public review and scrutiny? Story

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