Thursday, November 15, 2007

What We Could Do With The $50 Billion The Nuclear Industry Wants

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Yesterday, I put out the hypothetical question, how many homes could we equip with solar for the $50 Billion that the Nuclear Industry wants us to give them for New Build reactors...I had done some very conservative estimates, and wanted to paint a more accurate picture in building a case for true renewables, instead of throwing our tax dollars down a nuclear rat hole. Well, ask and you shall receive, and Green Nuclear Butterfly thanks Sally Shaw, one of the noble people trying to help close down Entergy's Vermont Yankee Yankee of collapsing water tower fame for getting us some REAL TIME FIGURES on this important question.

She reached out to an expert in the field (a senior engineer with a very reputable firm) who gave us some time costs, with no incentives...we all know there would be incentives and deals to be had. Anyway, here are some staggering statistics.

For a 2000 square foot Home with 700 square foot of south-facing roof area using an annual load of 3000 KWH/yr load can be offset by a 2.5 KWdc solar array costing $21, 250 (real cost not w/ incentives) per house. Did I just hear a HOLLY MOLLY! When we take this information, we can quickly calculate that 2,352,941 would be solar powered for that same fifty billion dollars that the Nuclear Industry wants us to give them...and keep in mind, that $50 Billion IS ONLY A DOWN PAYMENT, just a start of the public money that the nuclear industry is expecting us to pay out.

For example, some experts are predicting, that GNEP will cost tax payers at least 500BILLION with no guarantee the technology will even work! It is clear, the pathway to a greener tomorrow is renewables, not nuclear.

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