Monday, July 16, 2007

Back From Vacation, Busy Week Planned

For the sake of our children, IPSEC needs to change their image, and way of conducting business... during the relicensing process, action through consensus is a recipe for failure.
Greetings Blog Readers:
Yes, I have been on vacation, getting some much needed rest and relaxation, but am now back and ready to face what promises to be a very busy week here at the Green Nuclear Butterfly as we man the fortresses, and continue our fight against the wrongful relicensing of the aging and brittled Indian Point Nuclear reactors. Thought I would give a quick run down of some of the things we are working on.

1. Remy should be reporting on the *Rock The Reactors* concert event held this past weekend in Woodstock, New York.
2. Green Nuclear Butterfly is working with FUSE to complete comments opposing the New York State Discharge Permit for Indian Point reactors.
3. We are working to schedule a meeting with the state of New York on the permitting process as a stakeholder, and are going to opposed the state meeting with the NEI who is NOT a stakeholder for Indian Point.

4. We are in the process of interviewing and considering the hiring of our first expert witness as we move our Petition to Intervene further down the track.

5. We will be receiving a full box of necessary documents from the DOE this week, and have to prepare proper paperwork to get other documents that require special clearance.

On other fast breaking news...has the time come for IPSEC and their member organizations to reconsider their basic charter or become obsolete? In recent months, IPSEC's basic way of operating has shown itself to be a dismal failure in our community's time of need...when we are staring a wrongful relicensing square in the face, it is necessary to act fast, to be decisive in which direction to turn as and organization. IPSEC's consensus style of management has been a complete disaster, and as a result deadlines have been, and are about to be missed as they languish in shallow waters while the Manna Jo's of the world drag their feet and keep the organization from reaching agreement on what to do, or what petitions to be a part of.

IPSEC has reached a crossroads, and decision time is upon them...if they are going to be effectively involved in the fight to close down Indian Point, they need to trash the consensus style of operation they have played with for years, and elect a board that has the power to actually make decisions for the organization and its members. Failure to realize and accept this reality, failure to make immediate changes makes them obsolete as and organization, and they will not play a part of any merit in the clearer sign of this reality can be found than Riverkeeper's sudden departure from the coalition after another meaningless emergency of the STEER committee this past week failed to find any consensus, and all agenda items were put on hold until September.

Green Nuclear Butterfly is actively working with three other organizations to put together a new coalition of the ready and willing. We are taking the necessary steps required to merge the necessary talents needed to be a major player in the relicensing process, and hope to announce these developing plans very soon...if you are your organization would like to be a part of this new coalition, please feel free to send and email to with all your contact information.

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