Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pro Nuke Bloggers Grow Silent As Japan Nuclear Accident Worsens

Setting aside Chernobyl, the world right now is in the middle of the worst nuclear accident since Three Mile Island, and the loud and proud Pro Nuclear Bloggers such as the NEI Blog, Rod Adams and This Week In Nuclear have grown deathly silent, crawled back into the wood work hoping that the radioactive cloud now hovering over the Nuclear Renaissance will soon pass, and they can get back to Propaganda As Usual.
They do not want to talk about the THREE known leaks at the Tokyo Electric Power site, nor do they wish to discuss that the seven reactors at the site have now been shut down for at least two months as they go through a complete safety check...they want this story to JUST GO AWAY as it is bad for business. Last time it was checked, both TEPCO and Entergy stocks were down, and the worse this story gets the worse their financial numbers are going to be. Even more alarming for the likes of Rod Adams, is this accident has alerted Wall Street to the very real risks of investing in the faulty science that is nuclear energy. How many months, even years has GNEP now been pushed back? Could we see Congress greatly reduce funding to the nuclear pork barrel projects that litter our Federal Budget? Seven reactors at say $1.5 million a day in gross revenues...forced shut down of at least 60 days comes out to $NINETY MILLION in lost revenues, and of course we have repairs to consider, not to mention citizen lawsuits. Any one else hearing the investor screams of SELL, SELL, SELL?
By the way, where is Patrick Moore? The former Greenpeace Founder, now corporate shill for nuclear sure has been rather silent and absent these past few days. Didn't he PROMISE that nuclear was safe, vital and secure? Sure we will see him crawl out from under some rock deep in the woods he wants cut down as soon as someone waves a $15,000 check under his nose. Patrick will insist he has not sold out, but if you bother to see who is funding his CASEnergy group, it is obvious he is firmly in the pocket of the nuclear industry. After all, NEI(Nuclear Energy Institute is careful about where they throw their millions at.

The proverbial cat is out of the bag, and the nuclear industry can no longer dance around the may pole claiming nuclear energy if vital, safe and secure. The world just dodged another Chernobyl, and such and event would topple financial institutions all around the world. Global Warming is real, and we as a world have to take it seriously, but this event has shown that nuclear cannot be a part of the solution.
Situation grave at world's largest nuclear plant

The world's largest nuclear plant, the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant, experienced a fire and damage after two earthquakes on Monday. Accounts of the damage worsen with each new report, and now data indicate that the plant sits directly over a fault line. The plant's seven reactors are currently shut down, but keeping them safely shut down will be difficult. If technicians cannot keep cooling water flowing to the radioactive cores, those could overheat, resulting in a meltdown and massive release of radiation. The head of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency has urged Japanese authorities to investigate the accident fully.

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