Monday, July 16, 2007

Simpsons Movie-National Day of Action

Simpsons Movie-National Day of Action
Excellent (imagine it being said sinisterly and with hands in prayer position, fingers tapping rhythmically)
What: National Day of Action - to oppose nuclear power- to expose safety/security issues in the industry- to alert residents of possible new reactors.
The Action:
- Depending on resources activists can: postcard or circulate a petition or collect names (recruitment) to "learn more or be alerted about upcoming actions, events, dems.
- All can: leaflet with factsheets about NP issues, specific concerns around local reactor or potential reactor ideal-If there is interest in media attention, activists should make signs.
- using icons such as the 3-eyed fish or series quotables.
Friday, July 27th
Opening night of the Simpsons Movie
45 mins before movie time.
Directly after (when people get it)
Who: state PIRG canvassers, state Sierra Club activists, PC activists, local grassroots anti-nuke groups.
Where: targeted cinemas in states with reactors and/or face a potential new license.
Top 12
Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Texas, New York, Vermont, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Miss., Pennsylvania...
Background: The Simpsons Series has routinely satirized safety issues surrounding nuclear power plants. If the town of Springfield is supposed to represent "anytown USA", then the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant could be " any reactor in the USA". It is rumored- though Matt Groening's PR have not confirmed - that the SNPP was intended to mock the ill-fated Trojan Nuclear Plant in Oregon.
The Movie plot: Homer mistakenly pollutes the river with toxic waste from the power plant, he loses his job and forces evacuation from Springfield. Even though we don't know how the film plays out, it may be safe to say that NP is not shown in a favorable light.
Please let me know if you are interested in participating in the action or need help coordinating
Allison Fisher
Organizer- Energy Program
Public Citizen
(202) 454-5176

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harvey wasserman said...

this looks great. a true solartopian event.