Thursday, July 19, 2007

TEPCO Promise To Restore Confidence Misses The Mark

After previous scandals, and corporate chicanery, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) created a vision page on their web site that outlines their plans and promises to restore confidence and integrity to their company. The lies and coverup of the truth after the devastating earthquake earlier this week leads one to believe that NOTHING HAS CHANGED...for our readers enjoyment we have taken the liberty of posting their page below, with our own added commentary in red.

Improving the Corporate Culture
In September 2002, TEPCO implemented countermeasures to guard against a reoccurrence of incidents with regard to inspection and maintenance operations at our nuclear power stations. At the same time, the Company announced four commitments in the interest of creating a "Corporate system and climate of individual responsibility and initiative." The actualization of the four commitments has been adopted as our social mission, and the entire Company is deeply involved in the effort.

How involved can they really be in this social mission if they hid radioactive leaks from members of the host community around the plant for almost nine hours?

To restore public confidence, it is essential to give top priority to safety in our operations. However, every employee from management to the front line of operations must once again consider that a "sense of security" can be gained only when two vital factors are both satisfied: "Assuring Safety" and "Building Mutual Trust."

Giving top priority to safety does not mean hiding the truth. Giving top priority to safety does not mean keeping the truth from the courts about a known earthquake fault in the name of getting a citizens law suit dismissed. Building mutual trust requires FULL DISCLOSURE, and it is a pretty safe bet that we still do not have the FULL TRUTH from TEPCO regarding the level of damage done to their reactors during and following the earthquake.

Through strict safety procedures, TEPCO must make every effort to restore public confidence, beginning with the citizens of the regions in which its plants are located and extending to society at large.
Think we all can agree that TEPCO is failing miserably in their efforts to restore public confidence with anyone.

1. Promoting disclosure of information and ensuring transparency of nuclear operations. Through conducting thorough information disclosure, TEPCO has established a system of independent inspections, and is highly transparent in the operation of its power generation plants.

- Disclose information on the management and operation of our nuclear power stations, so the public is able to confirm that our plants are being operated safely
- Established a scheme to check nuclear safety and quality control by a third party.

After all the hiding of SERIOUS safety issues earlier this week, seems the only way TEPCO could prove they have any integrity at all, is too now agree to and Independent Safety Assessment (ISA). The assessment team should include at least two members from the host community (average citizens), and two members of anti-nuclear grassroots organizations to act as watchdogs.

2. Creating a work environment where proper operations can be carried out
We will strengthen functions that contribute to proper performance of job-related duties by our employees and organizations.

- Set up an office to address ethical concerns. Like failing to notify citizens of radioactive leaks?
- Established a Discrepancy Resolution Committee, a cross-organizational committee, which handles discrepancies in each plant. Like almost 400 gallons of radioactive materials dumped into the sea, while reporting two liters?
- Reviewing all rules and manuals of the company.

3. Strengthening internal surveillance and reforming our corporate culture
TEPCO is re-establishing the existing corporate culture of the Nuclear Power Division, and is building a corporate climate which produces cooperative atmosphere.

- Establish a quality assurance system in the Nuclear Power Division. We see this is not working out all that well.
- Energize internal communications to share an awareness of issues through every stratum and division of the Company. Not working, or there would not have been so many horrid mistakes made in the aftermath of the earthquake.
- Encourage exchange of views between the Nuclear Power Division and other divisions.

4. Promoting observance of corporate ethics. We will promote observance of corporate ethics in our operations through:

Have to wonder what kind of ethics include lying to the public, and cover up of serious radioactive leaks.

- Creating systems to ensure the observance of ethics
- Offering education and training
- Conducting internal and independent audits to keep a high degree of compliance

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