Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In The Name of Nuclear Renaissance Entergy and Others Did The Dick Cheney Circle Jerk

OMG, the Washington Post has come into possession of Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force meeting list. Seems that Entergy was doing a circle jerk with the man on at least three occasions, but they are not the only interesting party invited to suck up to Dick during these Energy Strategy meetings.
Some of the highlights include for instance a Valentine's Day love fest with Jim Rouse of Exxon. Makes one wonder if Dick Cheney actually swings on both sides of the tree. In March not one, but FOUR people from BP (British Petroleum) met Dicky Boy for lunch...rumor has it that sausage was on the menu.
As has been mentioned in past articles here on Green Nuclear Butterfly, George Bush sold out to the nuclear industry clear back in his days as Governor of Texas, so it is no surprise that the Nuclear Industry had some serious back door access to Dick Cheney during the process. General Electric (Rob Wallace) and NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) both showed up on March the 28th just in time to have Dick for dinner. Apparently April the 9th was the Nuclear Industry's "lets do Dick" day with all the major players showing up for a piece of Cheney. Attendees included Kristen Ludecke of PSEG Power, David Brown from EXELON, David Gilbert for Constellation Energy Group, Holly Nichols and Joe Vasapoli representing Reliant Energy, Tom Briggs of Enron fame was there, and lets not forget Karen Hunsicker Billups for perennial nuclear bad guy Entergy...geepers, I would not even be surprised to find out that Patrick Moore was outside hiding behind the bushes that day.
Studying Dick's appointment book, it becomes readily apparent that America's middle and lower class were deliberately raped by the Vice President and his minions. A full study of the list makes it apparent that the Nuclear Renaissance is not about saving the world from Global Warming, but about paying back political favors. You want to know why the oil companies have been reaping record profits, just look at their incredible access in the process. In short, the Bush Republican Energy Policy was/is intended to rape America's middle class, and if the current congress has a soul, they will roll back all tax breaks for big oil, and defund GNEP.

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