Monday, July 16, 2007

Japanese Government, Tokyo Electric HIDE Radioactive Leak FROM PUBLIC

In shades of an NRC cover up that Bush would be proud of, seems that the Government of Japan, and the Tokyo Electric Company kept the public in the dark about hundreds of gallons of radioactive materials spewing into the sea after the early morning earthquake. Seems that Japan has taken a page out of the NEI/NRC play book...if there is and accident, try to cover it up, and keep the news from the general public for as long as you can. Which explains why it is that NRC/DOE and FEMA have a whole bunch of FAKE news pieces in the can for when the major nuclear incident hits here in America, more than likely at Indian Point, since Entergy's failing reactor on the Hudson is a serious target for results minded terrorists around the world. After all, if we knew the truth, we would NEVER voluntarily shelter in place, but like lambs to slaughter, that is just what Entergy and the NRC have planned for us...sheltering in place, sentencing us to slow deaths with a skant 40 percent level of protection from the fallout after a terrorist attack, or significant incident at the plant. Guess the money players in Japan were thinking along similiar strategy lines in keeping the public stupid today.
Japan Quake Causes Nuke Plant Leak, Fire
Posted: 2007-07-16 15:37:53
KASHIWAZAKI, Japan (AP) - A strong earthquake shook Japan's northwest coast Monday, setting off a fire at the world's most powerful nuclear power plant and causing a reactor to spill radioactive water into the sea - an accident not reported to the public for hours.

The 6.8-magnitude temblor killed at least 8 people and injured more than 900 as it toppled hundreds of wooden homes and tore 3-foot-wide fissures in the ground. Highways and bridges buckled, leaving officials struggling to get emergency supplies into the region.

Some 10,000 people fled to evacuation centers as aftershocks rattled the area. Tens of thousands of homes were left without water or power.

The quake triggered a fire in an electrical transformer and also caused a leak of radioactive water at the Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant, the world's largest in terms of electricity output.

The leak was not announced until the evening, many hours after the quake. That fed fresh concerns about the safety of Japan's 55 nuclear reactors, which supply 30 percent of the quake-prone country's electricity and have suffered a long string of accidents and cover-ups.
Curious here...does Entergy have a financial interest or stake in Japan's problem plagued Nuclear industry? If the littany of mistakes, problems, and leaks is any example, the Green Nuclear Butterfly is betting that Entergy has a stake in Japan's nuclear present and future, and that is a scary thought indeed.

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