Monday, July 16, 2007

Two News Items...Cracked Japanese Reactor, Homer Simpson Protests

Nuclear Reactor on The Brink of Chernobyl in Japan after early morning earthquake...a bullet dodged...this time.
Two breaking news items to report here:

1. Japan has suddenly changed its tune, and has admitted the reactor shaken to its core in the western coastal city of Kashiwazaki, near Niigata, about 160 miles northwest of Tokyo is spewing forth radioactive contaminants into the Sea of Japan...the NRC has offered to SEND HELP. Like a freaking egg, a newer, yet still very fragile reactor core has BROKEN UDER PRESSURE, and here we sit in the Hudson Valley with not one, but two reactors built right on top of and earthquake fault line.

Nuclear scare after Japan quake

A strong earthquake in central Japan has damaged a large nuclear power plant causing a leak of radioactive material, officials at the plant have said.
2. Meanwhile, closer to home in New York city, seems some protests/street actions are shaping up in New York City for the opening next week of the new Simpson's movie...what better opportunity to bring attention to Indian Points failing reactors that are leaking strontium 90 and tritium into the Hudson River? The new Simpson movie, and the evacuation scene that plays a crucial part in the movie are a perfect back drop to use in bringing public attention to the very real fact that Entergy and the NRC's evacuation plan for Indian Point is a non workable piece of shit.

We are watching our news sources to bring you up to the minute information on Japan's radiation leaks...all we can do, is thank God that the epicenter of the earthquake was no closer than it was. Sadly, the NRC could care less about public safety, and will continue to rubber stamp license renewals in the name of a Nuclear Renaissance....after all, the citizens of Westchester County, and New York City are expendable in Entergy's eyes.

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