Monday, July 30, 2007

Benny Zable Indian Point Overnight Vigil ~ Aug 5th & 6th

Join us in front of Indian Point
Buchanan, NY
August 5th & 6th
for an overnight vigil!
In solidarity with his nuclear free campaigners in the USA, Benny Zable Australian peace and environmental performance artist is available for photo opportunities outside the Indian Point Nuclear Reactor during an overnight vigil 5th and 6th August Hiroshima day commemorations.
Friday the core of the new nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights in Australia collapsed.
US President Bush and Australian Prime Minister Howard are to sign a Global Nuclear Energy Partnership deal during the APEC meeting in Sydney.
Good time to meet to talk .

Benny Zable

You can reach Benny at:
West Side Cultural

Alice Slater
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
446 E. 86 St.
New York, NY 10028
646-238-9000 (cell)

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Sharon said...

Hi Benny, All the best with your Overnight Vigil from OZ!! Sharon; Blue Mountains.