Friday, August 3, 2007

Newman's Nuclear Ties

Pictured Left-to-Right: Paul Newman, Don Hoffman (President of Eagle Alliance), and Eddie Wachs. (photographer: Judy Beller)

Newman Wachs Racing

american nuclear society
eagle alliance
excel services
nuclear clear air energy
(pro-nuke smiling soccer mom!)
associated comment:
"With the money needed for one new nuclear power plant one can purchase 15 turnkey high tech and highly automated thinfilm solar module factories with a yearly output of 160 MW per factory from Oerlikon. So, with these 15 Oerlikon solar module factories one can produce solar modules with a total peak power of 36,000 MW in 15 years, which is actually 22.5 times more peak power than what a new french EPR nuclear reactor delivers."
atomic racing
go nuclear
(url not found)
director of marketing
Cea Larkin
(thanks to Denis Beller of Atomic Racing for the links)

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