Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TEPCO Must Not Be Allowed Too Delay Scheduled Maintenance

We So SORRY...no mean to get caught making BAD management decisions.
Just in, seems that TEPCO is trying to preserve what is left of it's 2007 profit picture by begging the (METI) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to postpone scheduled maintenance at two of its other reactors...keep in mind, that these inspections and maintenance schedules were created and ordered due to previous WRONG DOING by TEPCO. METI has a choice to make. They can prove themselves honorable and deny the request, choosing to protect human health and the environment of Japan. Or instead, they can bring shame upon themselves and their families by granting TEPCO's request, showing they care more about this vile company's profits than they do about protecting human health. METI needs to teach TEPCO and the nuclear industry a lesson...greed and shoddy management will not be tolerated, that safety must always come before profits.

So I ask Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "Do you as and organization and as men/women have honor?" Further, if TEPCO has any honor themselves, I would challenge them to invite the board members of FUSE USA, WISE and NIRS to Japan to inspect the site, to review your safety measures, and make suggestions from the perspective of a grassroots environmental group that lives within the shadows of a failing nuclear reactor here in America known as Indian Point, as well as proving you want and open and transparent review process by allowing two nationally recognized Anti-Nuclear groups to have a seat in the process. You and the Japanese government have a chance here to show you have far more integrity than the NRC, far more honor than the NEI, which is morally bankrupt and repugnant in the eyes of many reactor host communities.
So, what is it going to be...will METI side with public safety, or side with TEPCO and their greed?

Tepco requests METI delaying two nuclear maintenance in Jul-Aug

Tokyo (Platts)--24Jul2007
Tokyo Electric Power Co. has requested the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry consider delaying its two scheduled maintenance programs at its Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan after the shutdown of its largest nuclear power plant July 16 following a major earthquake, a company official said Tuesday.

In addition to Tepco's initial request to delay its scheduled extra safety check at the 0.78 GW No. 3 nuclear reactor from the end of July, the largest Japanese utility also asked METI consider delaying its scheduled maintenance of the 1.10 GW No.6 nuclear reactor from early August at the plant, the official said.

Tepco's extra safety check at the No. 3 unit was imposed by the ministry in April following a series of undisclosed problems at various nuclear plants.
The utility was also scheduled to start the maintenance program at the No.6 reactor in early August for two-to-three months, the official said.

While METI has still to agree, Tepco has made clear its preference to start the maintenance programs after September amid its electricity supply concerns after it shut the 8.21 GW Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in northwestern Japan following the major earthquake, the official added.
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