Sunday, July 29, 2007

Richard Barkley, NRC Trying To Keep Public From Crucial License Renewal Documents

Last week, before the NRC officially announced its acceptance of the flawed Entergy License Renewal Application for the failing, aged and leaking nuclear reactors known as Indian Point 2 and 3, the Green Nuclear Butterfly made a request for several very important documents. Specifically, Sherwood Martinelli and the GNB requested documents crucial in compiling and defending our contentions, including:

4. The Estinghouse Power Uprate PSAR

To prove that Indian Point is well outside it's DB, and to show it is in, and would during the period of relicense be out of compliance with both Appendix B and R, a full and complete review of these documents is imperiative. Richard Barkley tried to hedge his bets by saying those documents were removed from the ADAMS public document area, and it might take a bit of time to get make arrangements for us to see those documents in question...he was supposed to get back to me the very next day on this issue, and FAILED TOO.

To cover our teams efforts, we immediately began preparing yet another FOIA, so that we have and extensive record of NRC's foot dragging, and out right refusal to cooperate in document production. Being concerned about the NRC's attempts to hide these documents, which are of the utmost importance to any community wanting to have the scientific and regulatory answers necessary to defend their contentions, I did a bit of snooping.

Seems that the NRC gave the New York State Attorney's office a copy of one of the documents our organization wants, the FSAR (Final Safety Analysis Report) by accident. I say by accident, because the New York AG's office had not specifically requested it (as we have). Soon afterward, the NRC forbid the AG's office from SHARING THIS DOCUMENT, and is in fact and deed, now making serious efforts to have said document returned to the NRC.

So, how far is the NEI, NRC, DOE and Entergy willing to go to keep crucial documents out of the hands of the general public...this author will not be surprised if they would be willing to use hit men, or federal government death squads in the name of preserving their dearly beloved Nuclear Renaissance.

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