Monday, July 30, 2007

NRC's Inspector General Trying To Skew Audit?

Pick one...Mafia Hit man, Secret Service Agent, or Head of NRC's Office of Inspector General? there really a difference in any of the three?
So, the NRC's Office of Inspector General is coming town...Tarrytown to be more specific, in the name of doing a performance audit. Problem is, they seem bent on doing a skewed, even vulgar and obscene injustice in selecting a group of stakeholders who will be kinder and gentler towards the NRC staff performance than others. One has to be VERY SUSPECT when one of the included parties being interviewed for this audit is the NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute).

Having heard about the meeting(s), the Green Nuclear Butterfly went about trying to get a meeting with the NRC Office of Inspector General Staff to raise our own concerns and complaints about NRC processes, and oversight, or the lack thereof. We were met with NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING. Calls were not returned, messages left on answering machines callously ignored. Today, after contacting the NRC Chairman's Office, as well as the office of Hubert Bell (could be called the DO NOTHING former Secret Service man collecting a pay check), Green Nuclear Butterfly was A) informed by Richard Barkley that the Office of Inspector General had no intentions of meeting with us for this audit, and B) we received a call from the Chairman's office promising email communication from the Office of The Inspector General outlining their reasons for refusing to meet with far, still no communications from them. Despite our call to Hubert Bell's office, we have had no contact of any merit from the NRC Office of Inspector General, and as an aside, said office so far has also IGNORED some serious allegations we filed with their staff.

The NRC's Office of Inspector General is meeting with Riverkeeper on the morning of August 8th, and will be meeting with IPSEC in the afternoon...see Mannajo's letter below asking members of IPSEC Steer to send their concerns to her. (Why was this request for concerns not placed on the IPSEC list for all organizations to read and respond too?)

It's noted here, that reports have been coming in, that Mannajo has been using Clearwater's blocking ability to keep Green Nuclear Butterfly from being a full fledged member of both IPSEC, and of IPSEC STEER, which raises the ugly specter that she could deliberately pick and choose the concerns she wants presented to the NRC. Some would even go so far as to allege, that IPSEC's Petition To Intervene Sub-Committee has faltered as a result of her interference and petty jealousies, though the official word is that the IPSEC Steer Committee simply could not reach consensus at a hastily called meeting a few weeks ago, deciding instead to simply set everything aside until September of this year...just weeks before the filing deadline for Petitions To Intervene, creating the ugly possibility that IPSEC could be left out of the process. The good news, is that the sub committee's work has not been in vain, as FUSE USA has picked up where the sub committee left off, and our work continues on, though no longer under the umbrella of IPSEC.

The NRC has stated, that as a policy all Stakeholders are too be treated both fairly and equally in the process...sadly, that does not seem to be the case. NRC staff routinely gives certain stakeholders far more involvement in the process, far more access to staff that they give to others. Riverkeeper, and IPSEC if they want one, routinely have private meetings with NRC staff when they come into town. NEI has so much access and involvement in NRC day to day business that ones could call it collusion. One cannot be allowed to use the guise/excuse of limited resources to show prejudice behavior against particular anti-nuclear groups and or individuals. One cannot use the excuse of management preference to show favor towards one grassroots group over another. Yet, that is exactly what the NRC is doing, and in doing so, they are squelching public involvement, and skewing their own audit reports in a fashion that shows the NRC in its best light, rather than lettting facts on the ground see performance chips fall where they may.
Mannajo's Letter To IPSEC Steer
Riverkeeper is meeting on the morning of Aug. 8. Michel Lee and I are meeting at 1 p.m.
Please send me any information, concerns, questions you want us to bring up.
Many thanks.
Manna Jo Greene,
Environmental Director
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
112 Market St.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
(845) 454-7673 x113 Fax: (845) 454-7953

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