Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Good Reason To Boycott Rolls Royce...Their Support of Nuclear War Machine

Just home from a weekend of camping, was browsing the Internet searching for news stories when I came across a report that the Rolls Royce company is intimately, even incesstually involved in Brittains Nuclear Navy. Seems they just signed a new 10 year, $1 Billion pound contract to continue their involvement in, and contribution to the NUCLEAR WAR MACHINE. Seems like a good reason for the rich and beautiful people of the world to start a boycott. Another example of the closed cycle of warmongering/commercial nuclear power.

Rolls-Royce to maintain the Navy’s nuclear powered subs’s_nuclear_powered_subs
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Published : 26 Jul 2007 9:46

Rolls-Royce to maintain the Navy’s nuclear powered subs
Rolls-Royce has won a new £1 billion contract to provide through-life support for the reactors for the Royal Navy's current fleet of nuclear powered submarines for the next ten years.
The contract covers the reactors and equipment that translate the massive power of the nuclear fission plant into the high pressure steam that drives the submarine's turbines, providing electrical power to the boat's systems and powering its propulsion system. Not only will Rolls-Royce be working on the 13 Swiftsure, Trafalgar and Vanguard submarine models, but also the new Astute class submarines currently being built by BAE Systems, the first of which was launched in June this year.

Rolls-Royce has been supplying nuclear steam raising plants to the Royal Navy for almost 50 years from its production site at Raynesway in Derby, and this new contract will help secure the future of staff working in this part of the business.

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