Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why We at FUSE USA Need Your Help To Stop Indian Point Relicensing

The sixty day clock to submit Petitions To Intervene is running, and the other side is prepared to outgun us. Entergy has 40 people working on their License Renewal Application, not counting attorneys. Further, they have dedicated up to $40 million dollars for this fight. This NRC process is already stacked in favor of their licensees, it is a classic case of David verse Goliath, but like Barry Bonds, Goliath has been on steriods for several years now.
FUSE USA is a small, but driven grassroots group of individual dedicated to the important cause of protectiing human health and the environment. Dedicated to the task of shutting down the aging, degradated Indian Point Reactors. Two of our four board members are licensed attorneys who have dedicated themselves to the organization's primary goal of closing down Entergy's Chernobyl on the Hudson.

We need people to step forward now, and lend a helping hand in the following areas:

1. Money/Donations-before this fight is over, we need to raise $150-$200,000 dollars for this fight. We have retained the services of our first expert witness, and that is a $3,000 a month committment, with the fees scheduled to go up as we move further into the process.

Donation Checks can be made out to, and sent to:

C/O Susan Shapiro Esq.
21 Perlman Drive
Spring Valley, New york 10977

2. We need interns and people willing to help in reading documents, doing various tasks in the office.

3. We need office equipment and supplies...this includes computers, laptops, software, ink cartridges and paper.

4. We need PR help if any public relations firm wants to do some worthwhile Pro Bono work.

5. We need legal assistance...any environmental attorneys out there?

6. We need money to buy advertising...Entergy is planning on a barage of false advertising in and around Indian Point, and down in New York City...we have to be able to counteract their propaganda.

If you are ready, willing and able to get involved in any fashion, please contact us as soon as possible by emailing

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