Thursday, August 2, 2007

Do You Still Trust NRC Inspections?

Indian Point was supposed to inspect the containments and reactors back in 2003...the NRC granted them and other aging, degraded, fatigued nuclear reactors a five year extension in conducting said inspections. Do you still trust the NRC's over 1500 letters of Generic Findings that have weakened reactor Safeguards, excused their licensees from the regulations put into place to keep us safe. After the bridge collapse in Minnesota yesterday, do you still trust these short sighted decisions, are the Congress and Senate still unwilling to embrace John Halls call for an Independent Safety Inspection at Indian Point? Forward this post to your elected officials demanding and ISA at every American Reactor.

Secondly, seeing the devastation in Minnesota, do we still trust the NRC's refusal to include the after effects of a terrorist attack in the relicensing process? Look at the pictures from yesterdays tragedy, then ask yourselves what would happen if terrorists FIRST attacked and took out the Tappanzee Bridge, then waited and hour and attacked the aging, poorly defended Indian Point Nuclear Reactors. Again, contact your members of Congress and the Senate demanding a bill be passed immediately bringing the DBT, Security and non-working evacuation plans back into scope in the nuclear reactor relicensing process.

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