Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Another NEAR MISS...Nuclear, Safe, Secure, Vital My Butt

Just in from the Washington Scandal...the Bush, Bilderberg, two nuke goose step with the NRC dance card partner Entergy...too harsh? Should I tone it down a bit?
Tuesday, January 9, 2007
America Dodges Another Nuclear Tragedy...NUKE SUB COLLIDES with Japanese OIL TANKER

The DOE, DOD, NRC, NEI, Entergy and the entire Nuclear Industry love playing Russian Roulette with the lives of innocent human beings, both here and around the world as the black gloved elite of the Bilderberg Conference march us ever closer to a one world government shared with us by George Bush the first as he tipped his hand, showing if but briefly the vile, insidous plans of a future global monarchy owned and control by Big Business, and global corporate interests, a world where the safety, security and health of the masses takes a back seat to profits and absolute power.

Last month it was a truck load of uranium oxide tipped over on I-95, and two nuclear reactors shutting down for no apparent reason. Now, in January we averted an accident of apolyptic proportions off the coast of Iran when an American nuclear powered fast-attack USS Newport News submarine RAMMED into A OIL SUPER TANKER! Surely I am not the only one going OH MY FORKING GAWD! Think about it folks...we have a ocean going nuclear reactor ramming into a SUPER TANKER filled with millions of gallons of crude oil! WAKE UP FOLKS...it would not have taken much more of and accident than this one to have wreaked irreparable harm on the world environment, as we watched in horror a combined oil, nuclear explosion of unprecedented magnitude shroud the Middle East in god knows what kind of a fall out as hundreds if not thousands of miles of shore line were destroyed!

The time to STOP THE RUSSIAN ROULETTE IS NOW...we need to shut down aging and failing nuclear reactors, need a morritorium on any new reactors until the scientist telling us Nuclear Energy is safe can actually make it so, instead of feeding us lies.

Updated:2007-01-09 13:32:59
U.S. Submarine Collides With Japanese Ship
TOKYO (Jan. 9) - A U.S. nuclear-powered submarine collided with a Japanese oil tanker in the Straits of Hormuz, through which 40 percent of the world's oil supplies travel, officials said.

No one was hurt in the accident that happened Monday night in the 34-mile wide straits, which are bordered by Iran and Oman and serve as the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

Damage to the fast-attack USS Newport News submarine and the supertanker was light and there was no resulting spill of oil or leakage of nuclear fuel, officials from the U.S. Navy and the Japanese government said.

Both ships remained able to navigate, Navy officials said.

The bow of the submarine was traveling submerged when it hit the stern of the supertanker Mogamigawa as the vessels were passing through the Straits, causing minor damage to the Japanese vessel, the U.S. Navy and Japan's Foreign Ministry said. The Japanese government said it was informed of the crash by the Navy and the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

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