Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Power of A Butterfly In Shutting Down Indian Point

Cannot begin to tell you how many times so far people have asked...why the Green Butterfly as the symbol for your Green Nuclear Butterfly. Well, the flap of butterfly wings in Brazil could actually trigger/set off a storm in Texas. The "Butterfly theory" postulates that over time that the power released from the flapping of butterfly wings will become amplified, and that power will eventually affect weather patterns thousands of miles away.

The Green Nuclear Butterfly is here flapping our wings, and as time grows imagine the movement that shall rise from first one, then a handful, and eventually millions of ANTI NUKES joining forces as one both here in America, and around the Globe...a movement to affect the status quo. We have writers on board from four states where there used to be only one. We have readers from all over the the United States, as far west as California, and we have readers in Australia. Let our wings continue to beat.

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