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CASEnery exposed

Dear Friends - Please note that the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and Vermont Energy Partnership are members of Patrick Moore's phony clean energy group, which is entirely funded by the Nuclear Energy Institute. See below for full expose. The Vermont Energy Partnership is a front group of VY nuclear supporters spreading the NEI SPIN and pro nuclear dogma.

Expose of Patrick Moore’s group:

Clean and Safe Energy Coalition

From SourceWatch (Project Center for Media & Democracy) December 22, 2006 update

The Clean and Safe Energy Coaltion is a public relations campaign for new reactors launched April 24, 2006, funded by the trade association, the Nuclear Energy Institute, and headed by former Bush Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Christine Todd Whitman and Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, who left that group in 1986. [1]


Mission Statement

According to the group's website, "The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASEnergy Coalition) supports the increased use of nuclear energy to ensure an environmentally clean, safe, affordable and reliable supply of electricity. Nuclear power enhances America's energy security and economic growth, helps attain cleaner air and improves the quality of life, health and economic well-being for all Americans." [2]



As of May 5, the website listed the following organizations as members [3]:


The group listed the following "sampling of individuals" as of May 5, 2006 [5]:

  • Iowa State Representative Philip Wise

  • New Hampshire State Representatives Caitlin A. Daniuk and Michael Rollo

  • Michigan State Senator Buzz Thomas

  • Reverend Willie Toone - North End Church of God and Christ, Michigan

  • Reverend Charles Williams - Michigan

  • Greg Fedon - Warren Jaycees - Michigan

  • Barney Bishop, President, Associated Industries of Florida

  • Brownstone, Michigan Town Supervisor Arthur Wright

  • Denis Beller, Professor, University of Las Vegas

  • Mike Hamby - Former Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party

  • Keith Bullen - Volt Technical Services

  • Jim Scaratino -
  • Coalition for New Mexico Wilderness
  • Berol Robinson -
  • Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy
  • Christopher Yeaw - United States Naval War College

In April 2006 a spokesman for the NEI told New York Times reporter, Matthew L. Ward,
that it was providing all the funding for the group but refused to state what the budget was. [6]

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