Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shuffling Priorities...Green Nuclear Butterfly To Become Flag Ship Blog

Considering its past, do you really trust the nuclear industry to lead us into the future?
Many of my friends, as well as some recent detractors who have been attacking me on a personal basis relentlessly since I began posting on Nuclear issues, are well aware that I publish numerous blogs. The attacks in the past week or so, have made me realize my efforts for the immediate future need to be focused on the most important issues. As a result of this decision, many of my blogs are going to be put into moth balls for the time being as all my efforts will now be concentrated in three specific blogs, and a fourth that will be launching shortly. These three flag ship blogs, all of which will have a huge focus on Indian Point, Entergy, and the Nuclear Industry will be as follows:

Green Nuclear Butterfly: As the newly assigned flagship blog, our efforts will be spent A) doing whatever it takes to close down Entergy's Indian Point, and B) perhaps more importantly, working to bring all local grassroots organizations surrounding Nuclear Plants nationwide into a National Coalition to petition Congress for redress, to exercise our right of redress to close these aging facilities, to demand investigations of both the industry and the NCR. We need to change the format, change the is time to think LOCALLY, but act GLOBALLY. The nuclear industry knows they can beat us individually, town by town, reactor by reactor, so the time has come to make relicencing a NATIONAL ISSUE.
Congressman John Hall: John Hall is our Congressman here in the 19th Congressional District of New York. Indian Point is in his back yard. His career, his promises, his actions are being tracted as we push him to keep the promise of closing down Indian Point...there are at least three other members of Congress we will begin tracking on occassion in this blog as well, as they have a shared DUTY to shut down Indian Point, including Congressman Maurice Hinchey and Congresswoman Nita Lowey, and lets not forget both of our Senators in Schumer and Hilliary. The Green Nuclear Butterfly encourages grassroots to create similiar blogs for their own members of Congress and the Senate, then link up together so that we can force these members of Congress to ACT AS A UNIFIED TEAM in introducing legislation to demand accountability, to act as a team in opening up investigations, to act as a team in demanding all relicensing be frozen until after independent investigations have been completed.
If Indian Point is an example, every host community has at least three members of Congress that should be taking these reactors, where are the co-sponsors when bills like HR 4891 are introduced? It's a con game, as they know keeping us acting locally keeps them looking good while nothing gets done. HR4891 should have as sponsors every Congressman or woman in America that has an aging reactor in or near their, where are the 309 CO-SIGNERS ON THIS BILL? I can pull up similiar bills around every reactor, all of them have the same lack of support from outside the local area. WAKE UP GRASSROOTS, we are being DUPED.

Washington Scandal: As always, this blog will feature articles on Washington politics, and world news with a strong emphasis on the three issues most important to myself, including all things Nuclear, the War in Iraq and bringing our troops home, and lastly dealing with the 12-20 million illegal aliens here in America and securing our National Borders.

The key to winning the war against relicensing, and that is what we are facing requires all local grassroots organizations forming into a National Coalition. To do this, we need volunteers, we need the local groups plugging in, linking together, and working as a team. We need to start forming national Email lists, need to start presenting our demands and petitions as a representative group. If you are a local ANTI NUKE group tired of spinning your wheels as the NRC and their licensees dance around your objections, if you would like to be in at the very beginnings of building a National Movement to close down unsafe reactors, please email one of the following people:

The Green Nuclear Butterfly is also open to all ANTI NUKE writers who want to give voice to their own to be added to this blog as a guest writer.
We do have two other blogs that can be activated at a moments notice, including Entergy Watch, so we would be very interested in putting a team of writers together that have Entergy facilities in their own back yards. GREEN PEACE was started in a garage, and now is one of the largest GREEN GROUPS in the world. From the simple beginning of a single Green Nuclear Butterfly, let us build a new movement, let us link, network and join together to take on the most important issue of our time, before it is too late, and one of these aging reactors becomes America's own Chernobyl.

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