Monday, January 8, 2007

The NRC, DOE, Nuclear Industry Shell Game

Who Needs War To Kill People, We HAVE NUCLEAR REACTORS
Let's be clear here, the NRC is not worried about human health and the environment, but cares only about protecting it's licensees and BIG BUSINESS. The entire round of supposed relicensing applications has already been decided...we are stuck with aging, decaying and delapidated reactors no matter what the risk to our health, to our environment, to our streams and rivers...we are expendable, and our government is playing a game of smoke and mirrors, lies presented as truth, facts twisted to suit their vile agenda.
First, if you trot over to sites like Entergy's bull dog lobbyist group the NEI, you can find positive spin on how the disposal of nuclear waste is being dealt with, they will tell you that the USA, Finland and Sweden all have well developed plans to build storage facilities in the next ten years...odd, same promise they made ten years ago, and ten years before that as well. Reality is, that all three of these proposed long term storage facilities are facing stiff if not over whelming opposition from environmental groups. US Senator Harry Reid has gone so far as to say that Yucca Valley is dead, that it will not be the site of a long term storage facility for high level waste.

If you listen to the undustry propaganda, Nuclear is clean, green and vital, yet a cursory glance at any facet of the military/commercial sites forced to play hosts to these monstrosities tells a different story, and shows not only the real risks to human health and the environment, but also the hidden financial costs of this dirty form of non-renewable energy that folks like the NEI and Entergy do not want you to know about, such as the Hanford Site that is not even close to being cleaned up and safe, despite $5.4 BILLION dollars so far in clean up costs, which pales when compared to the estimated clean up costs at the Portsmouth Ohio and Piketon, Kentucky Gaseous Diffusion plants that have now been closed because of the dangers they posed, and continue to pose.

Congress should halt ALL RELICENSING while the NRC, NEI, CASEnergy and the entire nuclear industry are investigated by and independent commission...a two-four year delay in the process is nothing compared to SAVING LIVES, and EXPOSING THE LIES.

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