Saturday, January 13, 2007

Calling Green Peace To Action...Sharing of Open Letter To Their Washington Office

Where is Green Peace?

Felt Compelled to share a few thoughts on this....

Price Anderson combined with the waiver for any damages caused from nuclear that is included as part and parcel of every homeowners policy is reason enough to oppose the planned nuclear renaissance being planned for America. Conservative estimates from 1980 studies estimate that a major nuclear incident here in America would cause between $43-78 Billion dollars in damages. Most host communities around nuclear reactors have seen large increases in both population and infrastructure, and real estate values have sky rocketed, so that figure is wantonly low. The Price Anderson Act sets liability for the industry at $9 billion. Further, if we look at Hurricane Katrina, people are NEVER MADE WHOLE, yet Entergy was made whole with almost $300 million in community block grants that allowed them to recoup 90 cents of every dollar lost, and get new infrastructure as a part of the bargain. Meanwhile, the average citizen affected by that tragedy is anywhere from being whole....would the aftermath of a major nuclear incident be any different?

As for many bullets have so far been dodged, and I am talking about the ones we have been allowed to know about? In Sweden (2006), and in Japan (1999) we have seen incidents that almost became biblical in the past six years, with the accident in Japan out right killing three workers...most disturbing in that accident, is the incident time frame, as it shows you a evacuation could become necessary in America, and in a similar event here in America to the one in Japan, the evacuation processes will not work. We twice now have had worker error almost blow up two nuclear bombs (both over 100 times more powerful than the one that went off at Hiroshima), and just last month we had a semi trailer of fuel grade uranium oxide tip over in North Carolina...if it was no big deal, why did they (Homeland Security) instantly throw an exclusionary zone around the area, thus blacking out the press? Car chases have gotten more coverage on FOX and CNN than this event recieved.

Lastly, the process to re license facilities has been fixed, as in collusion between industry, NRC and cannot have this rebirth of Nuclear if you close down a large percentage of these aging fact, you need ALMOST ALL OF THEM TO BE re licensed. Known design flaws...removed from consideration in the re licensing process with the statement they are grand fathered in. Leaking spent fuel rod storage facilities...not a part of the process, as it is NOT THE REACTOR. Degradation of the rivers...Sheehan of the NRC has been quoted,"though said degradation is real, it is not enough at any facility to deny re licensing." Further, many of these reactors around the world (over 400) are water cooled, and that is not expected to change all that much in the next generation of reactors. Using Indian Point as one example, it requires 2.5 Billion Gallons of water each and every day to cool said reactor. That water is returned to the Hudson River at around 100 degrees. Now call me foolish, but what is the contribution towards global warming when nuclear reactors are warming our water ways to the tune of 365 trillion gallons a year of 100 degree water? Why does the NRC, DOE and the nuclear industry refuse to bring forward publically this discussion?

Waste the hand writing on the wall...they (DOE and NRC) are going to wave a magic wand and make most of it disappear by re labeling it as future use resources (has been done before), which is why DOE is planning on getting into the reprocessing business big time. Further, they are getting into the reprocessing business as uranium, contrary to what industry would have us believe, is not a renewable resource...their claim of a 2-3,000 year supply of uranium relies upon some very fuzzy science at best, specifically mining the uranium out of sea, how many of us are seriously comfortable with the nuclear industry owning and operating these huge floating uranium mining vessels as they suck hundreds of trillions of gallons of our ocean waters through some as yet to be invented process to strip out the uranium?

Lastly, what about the other sources of energy that are truly renewable? If you start following the money, America is being set up to subsidize the nuclear industry to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars. (I have read one DOE estimate that places the amount at between $4-7.5 Trillion). Where would solar, wind, geothermal and other alternative fuels be with this kind of investment on the part of our government.

I may be naive, but if there ever was a fight to wade into, this is the one. If we as a nation are going to again go down the nuclear roadway, should it not be done honestly, and should we not have an open and FAIR national debate? Is it fair that host communities are not getting a true and fair hering/vote on all these relicensing petitions? As a stakeholder at Indian Point Nuclear Reactors owned by Entergy, and as the publisher of there is little I can do but sound the alarm as best as I can, whereas, yourself, your organization have a far wider audience. We have been told to think globally, but act locally....we have it backwards, and that is why the nuclear industry is winning. Local grassroots are orphans with no chance at stopping the Nuclear Power 2010 juggernaut...instead, we need to band these organizations together and take this issue to the national stage, demand one bill in Congress co-signed by all Congressman and Senators around reactor your homework, and here is what you will find...using Indian Point as one example.

In 2006 Maurice Hinchey introduced a bill calling for a safety and security assessment of ONLY INDIAN POINT that was co-signed by only the three other congress members around Indian Point, and Hillary Clinton introduced a similar bill with no co-sponsors...both bills were read twice at committee level and officially KILLED when sent to sub-committee. Interesting enough, at about the same time, five members of Congress around Vermont Yankee wrote a letter to Mr. Diaz at the NRC demanding the same action for that facility...surely you see the devious and duplicitous deceit going on? Two reactors, both seeking the same action, but doing it in a way that both actions could DIE ON THE VINE while locally the Congressmen and women could feign concern....this deceit has occurred around every reactor community in America. Where is one NATIONAL BILL calling on a moratorium on all re licensing actions until such time as a safety and security assessment has been done for every reactor in America...further, where is Green Peace is making this happen?

Royce Penstinger
Green Nuclear Butterfly


Jay Draiman said...


In order to insure energy and economic independence as well as better economic growth without being blackmailed by foreign countries, our country, the United States of America’s Utilization of Energy sources must change.
"Energy drives our entire economy." We must protect it. "Let's face it, without energy the whole economy and economic society we have set up would come to a halt. So you want to have control over such an important resource that you need for your society and your economy." The American way of life is not negotiable.
Our continued dependence on fossil fuels could and will lead to catastrophic consequences.

The federal, state and local government should implement a mandatory renewable energy installation program for residential and commercial property on new construction and remodeling projects with the use of energy efficient material, mechanical systems, appliances, lighting, etc. The source of energy must by renewable energy such as Solar-Photovoltaic, Geothermal, Wind, Biofuels, etc. including utilizing water from lakes, rivers and oceans to circulate in cooling towers to produce air conditioning and the utilization of proper landscaping to reduce energy consumption.

The implementation of mandatory renewable energy could be done on a gradual scale over the next 10 years. At the end of the 10 year period all construction and energy use in the structures throughout the United States must be 100% powered by renewable energy.

In addition, the governments must impose laws, rules and regulations whereby the utility companies must comply with a fair “NET METERING” (the buying of excess generation from the consumer), including the promotion of research and production of “renewable energy technology” with various long term incentives and grants. The various foundations in existence should be used to contribute to this cause.

A mandatory time table should also be established for the automobile industry to gradually produce an automobile powered by renewable energy. The American automobile industry is surely capable of accomplishing this task.

This is a way to expedite our energy independence and economic growth. (This will also create a substantial amount of new jobs). It will take maximum effort and a relentless pursuit of the private, commercial and industrial government sectors commitment to renewable energy – energy generation (wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, geothermal, energy storage (fuel cells, advance batteries), energy infrastructure (management, transmission) and energy efficiency (lighting, sensors, automation, conservation) in order to achieve our energy independence.
"To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality."

Jay Draiman, Energy Consultant
Northridge, CA. 91325

P.S. I have a very deep belief in America's capabilities. Within the next 10 years we can accomplish our energy independence, if we as a nation truly set our goals to accomplish this.
I happen to believe that we can do it. In another crisis--the one in 1942--President Franklin D. Roosevelt said this country would build 60,000 [50,000] military aircraft. By 1943, production in that program had reached 125,000 aircraft annually. They did it then. We can do it now.
The American people resilience and determination to retain the way of life is unconquerable and we as a nation will succeed in this endeavor of Energy Independence.

Solar energy is the source of all energy on the earth (excepting volcanic geothermal). Wind, wave and fossil fuels all get their energy from the sun. Fossil fuels are only a battery which will eventually run out. The sooner we can exploit all forms of Solar energy (cost effectively or not against dubiously cheap FFs) the better off we will all be. If the battery runs out first, the survivors will all be living like in the 18th century again.

Every new home built should come with a solar package. A 1.5 kW per bedroom is a good rule of thumb. The formula 1.5 X's 5 hrs per day X's 30 days will produce about 225 kWh per bedroom monthly. This peak production period will offset 17 to 24 cents per kWh with a potential of $160 per month or about $60,000 over the 30-year mortgage period for a three-bedroom home. It is economically feasible at the current energy price and the interest portion of the loan is deductible. Why not?

Title 24 has been mandated forcing developers to build energy efficient homes. Their bull-headedness put them in that position and now they see that Title 24 works with little added cost. Solar should also be mandated and if the developer designs a home that solar is impossible to do then they should pay an equivalent mitigation fee allowing others to put solar on in place of their negligence.

Installing renewable energy system on your home or business increases the value of the property and provides a marketing advantage.

Anonymous said...


In many parts of the world, including the US, there is a simple mature technology available that can deliver huge amounts of clean energy without any of the headaches of nuclear power.

I refer to 'concentrating solar power' (CSP), the technique of concentrating sunlight using mirrors to create heat, and then using the heat to raise steam and drive turbines and generators, just like a conventional power station. It is possible to store solar heat in melted salts so that electricity generation may continue through the night or on cloudy days. This technology has been generating electricity successfully in California since 1985 and half a million Californians currently get their electricity from this source. CSP plants are now being planned or built in many parts of the world.

CSP works best in hot deserts and, of course, these are not always nearby! But it is feasible and economic to transmit solar electricity over very long distances using highly-efficient 'HVDC' transmission lines. With transmission losses at about 3% per 1000 km, solar electricity may be transmitted to anywhere in the US. A portion of the Mojave desert would be sufficient to meet the entire current US demand for electricity.

In the recent 'TRANS-CSP' report commissioned by the German government, it is estimated that CSP electricity, imported from North Africa and the Middle East, could become one of the cheapest sources of electricity in Europe, including the cost of transmission. A large-scale HVDC transmission grid has also been proposed by Airtricity as a means of optimising the use of wind power throughout Europe.

Further information about CSP may be found at and . Copies of the TRANS-CSP report may be downloaded from . The many problems associated with nuclear power are summarised at .