Thursday, January 11, 2007

Important Emails Found On NRC Site?

Know who the opposition is, and use that knowledge to reach out and communicate your dissatisfaction of a regulatory system meant to protect the licensee over public health and the environment. I was on the NRC site this evening searching out their meetings list, and found this very interesting email list as a part of it. Sharing it with my readers for general principles. It provides and interesting view into the special access to the information flow given to licensees, while stakeholders in the general public are kept in the dark.
For brevity of space, the entire list has not been republished here...if you would like the list, feel free to email and it will be emailed to you as soon as your request is recieved. Apparently, the NRC has no problems having a email service list for LICENSEES, but has a problem adding members of the stakeholder public to said list, since I have personally been told on more than one occassional that no such email notification is possible. Could it be, that not having a email service list for both documents and meetings is just a means of mitigating public involvement in the process? We'll see what happens, since I sent the NRC employee who posted this list to the NRC a request to be placed on the same service list.

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