Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Morning Coffee Atomic Yahoo Reading

This morning I'm trying to email Sherwood a few choice links from my EndSecrecy Yahoo Group and AOL keeps bouncing the emails back... so I'm wondering... is the secret NRC police blocking our communications channels? Or am I just being my usual touch paranoid?

Why not take this opportunity to share with all of you a few of the old gems I found. The EndSecrecy list is one of the oldest and largest "conspiracy-alternative" politics data-base on the Net. I started it back in 1998, as a companion to the EndSecrecy website, which was created in support of an alternative energy demonstration in front of the Capitol steps that many years ago.

Since then nearly 7000 articles have been posted, about topics rarely if ever touched upon in daily newspapers or national TV. It's a testament to Yahoo I might say, for having provided such a free space (yeah, I know, nothin's free) over the years to piss poor researchers like myself so they could share the information they collected with others.

I wouldn't be surprised, since after all, the CIA did try to recruit me when I was 21 years old, that I must have a whole cross-section of folks dropping in and using the search function, especially now that Yahoo installed lightning speed crawlers. It means you can key such words as nuclear, atomic, solar, trilateral... you name it... and strong likelyhood you're going to stumble on something I stumbled onto, that blew my mind too, when I put it up there, for my own benefit and posterity. So here's a few choice bits, since AOL won't let me email Sherwood this morning, which you can all benefit from, so he can read them.

Duck & Cover :: 24 Dirty Soviet Nukes Missing'

Missing Plutonium


Radioactive Boyscout

Uri Geller & Paul Newman!!!

How to build 6000 nuclear plants by 2050

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