Sunday, June 3, 2007

Robert Singleton's Hysterically Funny Truths On Nuclear Reactors

Was doing my usual Sunday night search of the web when I came across a brilliantly written, funny, and very scary article written by Robert Singleton in Good Life Magazine. This man is totally on target, gets what the risk is, and conveys the reality in a brilliantly funny article. We could use his contributions here on the Green Nuclear Butterfly, but for now, will share his opening paragraph, and encourage you to go read the rest of his article.

Nuclear Madness

After a number of columns about TXU Energy’s (and other’s) proposed coal plants, I’m compelled to address a related argument: “Well, if you don’t like coal, I guess we’ll just have to build nuclear power plants.” I don’t think I’ve ever been drunk enough for that line of reasoning to make sense. At the risk of dignifying utter nonsense, here are some reasons why we don’t want to go down that path and should instead be focusing on renewable energy and energy conservation.

You may have missed it, but late last year a small number of media outlets, including the Austin American-Statesman, carried what may have been the most overlooked major news stories of the year. Seems the Nuclear Regulatory Commission did a study of the ability of the nation’s nuclear power plants to survive a 9/11-style terrorist attack. Some of the results were released in the course of a House subcommittee investigation, reported in The New York Times as follows:
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