Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Misc. Notes and Post its

Do apologize for being less than prolific the past week or so, but there is more to life and trying to close down Indian Point than just this blog, including starting in on physical therapy in the hopes of getting use of my right hand and arm back sooner than later...anywhooooo.

1. Not sure how many of you watched the Republican debate on CNN last night, but was very dissappointing on numerous levels (positions on illegal aliens and the Iraq War) but specifically for the reason that so many of the Republicans endorsed, even embraced Nuclear Power. Those folks need a clue, but what really iratated the crap out of me, was Senator McCain who showed his ignorance when he stated that the Nuclear Navy had operated for over 50 years without ever having and accident...guess that nuclear submarine running into a Japanese ship a couple years ago was a mirage, and I could list more, but instead shall point this out to the idiot:

1983, July - U.S.A.
A private research group in the U.S., the Fund for Constitutional Government, reported that US nuclear ships have leaked radiation at least 37 times. The leaks contaminated coastal and inshore waters of Japan, Britain, and the U.S. on more than a dozen occasions. The report accused the U.S. Navy of "suppressing information about a 30 year history of radiation accidents and safety problems". ("The Age" / "West Australian" 21st July 1983)

Further, this little news item:

1984, January- NEW YORK, U.S.A.
36 crewmen of the US aircraft carrier U.S.S. Independence were tried over the use of LSD on the ship. ("Daily News" 13th January 1984)

COMMENT: Drug use by military personnel involved with the use of nuclear weapons is a reason for great concern. Between 1975 and 1977, 15,067 military personnel were removed from access to nuclear weapons: of those 4,809 were removed for drug abuse.

Face it McCain, your stand on the Iraq War, your undying love for ILLEGAL ALIENS, coupled with your habit of making ill informed comments like you did last night is why your run for presidency makes you a that looks like a hamster with too many sunflower seeds between his cheeks...go home, we are tired of looking at you.

2. Don't forget to attend the Clearwater Festival next weekend. It is promising to be a seriously fun GREEN weekend complete with some great music.

3. Remember to reserve June 27th for the NRC meeting.

Have just finishing compiling a history of Indian Point's horrid history, and hope to have it up they say, STAY TUNED.

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