Monday, June 4, 2007

Launch of Indian Point Anti-Nuclear Dead Baby Tour Environmental Direct Action Campaign

Entergy's Indian Point and other nuclear reactors are leaking tritium and strontium 90 into our lakes, rivers and oceans here in America, and around the world. Those radioactive contaminants cause cancers, birth defects, and expose women living near nuclear reactors to a greatly increased risk of stillborn infants. Nuclear Power, the world's largest forced abortion clinic, shades of Adolph Hitler, and radioactive ovens masquarading as vital, safe, secure, and Green nuclear energy here to save us from Global Warming.

To bring national and international attention to this issue, a new environmental direct action campaign is being launched. The Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour.
Read about it, and get involved.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour-Details Coming Soon

Entergy's aging, failing Indian Point reactors 2 and 3 are trying to get 20 year license renewals while leaking tritium and strontium into the Hudson River. These radioactive contaminants known to cause cancer also elevate birth defects, and place women at a greatly increased risk of having stillborn babies. To bring attention to this issue, to oppose Entergy's attempts to relicense these dangerous reactors, this blog will be sending symbolic dead babies (dolls) out on a world tour by leaving them at various locations.

If you find one of these dolls, take pictures of them in unique locations, take them with you on vacation, show them the life that Entergy's Indian Point would deny them, even shoot a video and upload it onto YouTube. Send jpeg files of your dead baby photos, or the link to your YouTube video to so that we can create and online Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour here on this blog in the hopes of waking up America to the very real danger of a Chernobyl right here in America as the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) wrongfully rubber stamps the license renewal applications of America's 104 aging degradated reactors for another 20 years. We are hoping to have at least 40 Dead Babies (dolls) traveling around the world by the fall of 2007, and need your help.

If you would like to donate a doll to this project, or make a donation, please email and we will provide you with a address. Dolls can be male or female, and must have a full set of clothes to wear...passports are not required.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details.

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